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50 out of 65 gamers thought this was helpful

I love D&D. Having been introduced formally to it at the beginning of 4th edition I have nothing to compare the previous editions to. However my fellow players have often said some of the combat and skill elements were more difficult than in this edition. I feel like I was able to step into the game without any problems learning the rules quickly.

Alot of things come down to the discretion of the DM but it certainly adds an interesting twist to the game. And as I like to test my DM at every turn I personally feel like I have more freedom in this game than in previously played RPGs. If you have a good group of people this is a good game for laughs and adventure. The only problem we seem to have is covering enough ground in a short amount of time. If you are a beer drinking chatting group only plan on 2-3 encounters in a couple hour session. For those who like to level quickly and not be stuck in level limbo for months on end this can be frustrating (thats a note to fellow power gamers, of which I’ve been accused of…lol.)

The biggest problem is how long you can keep a group of people intact and available to really hit the high levels. It seems like we can never get a group past level seven before people start doing something else with their time. My only solution to this is to run campaign modules where you have specific levels and go from there.

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2 out of 22 gamers thought this was helpful

Great family night game. It’s best with max players. Resetting the traps is not difficult but can still be a bit tedious. Game play changes some as you go along so a clear cut winner is not always guaranteed.

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Zombie Dice

6 out of 24 gamers thought this was helpful

We love playing zombie dice. Whether it be just us adults or the kids in the group. It is simple to learn and play and doesn’t require anything more than a way to keep track of points. We also use it to resolve challenges in our other games or for special items disputes in D&D. It’s a good time for all ages.

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23 out of 48 gamers thought this was helpful

A great game that is quick to learn with tons of expansion sets to continually add to the chaos. With expansions you could have massive games. Extra steve jackson props add bonuses and twists to the game. The cards will make you laugh and you will find yourself making and breaking deals continually. Don’t bring anyone who is prone to be a sore loser to the table. There is no rules in love and Munchkin, and friendships will be tested.

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