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Game Updates (July 13)

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 13-Jul-12 | 7 comments

Game Updates on

Upcoming Games

City of Horror – 2012 Q3
Asmodee, Repos Production

Dixit: Jinx – 2012 Q4
Asmodee, Libellud


Morphology Games

Ultimate Baseball The Game
Gillespie Games

Rio Grande Games

Steve Jackson Games

Rio Grande Games

The Great Dalmuti
Wizards of the Coast

Trans Europa
Rio Grande Games

Mission: Red Planet

Shear Panic
Mayfair Games

Double Agent


Killer Bunnies Ominous Onyx Booster
Playroom Entertainment

Killer Bunnies Chocolate Booster
Playroom Entertainment

Summoner Wars Mercenaries Deck
Plaid Hat Games

Summoner Wars: Jungle Elves Faction Deck
Plaid Hat Games

Comments (7)

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I’m getting Divided Republic and Target: Earth this week. And I will be getting Road to Enlightenment sometime next week in which I helped sponsor via Kickstarter.

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Why are all the Steve Jackson games not listed?

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Ooooh, The Great Dalmuti makes it in! Don’t get me wrong, I love The Resistance, but Dalmuti will forever be my party game of choice.

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@Akden, You discovered more digital board games before we could post our article about them!

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Oops! Typo noticed for all of you English sticklers… Onyx instead of Onxy 😛 It’s a bit Wonxy

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I’m also happy about the addition of more Summoner Wars. Great job on the updates. One question: I noticed the addition of several digital board games to the site (including the amazing Summoner Wars IOS app), but they weren’t listed as game updates. I just stumbled upon one and then searched for more. Is there a reason they aren’t included in the Game Update pages, or did I miss an article?

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Woohoo! More Summoner Wars!

I’m really glad to see the Game Updates becoming a weekly feature again. It’s one of the most important things that can be done to improve this site and bring in more people.

It’s also cool seeing the Great Dalmuti, though my copy is the Dilbert reskin they released years back.

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