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Shear Panic - Board Game Box Shot

Shear Panic

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“The Best Game Ewe Ever Herd!”

Ah, do ewe long for the life of a sheep? Bright summer days filled with games of tag and attempts to flock closer to Roger, the Heartthrob Ram? But, Watch Out! The shearer wants to drag you away from all the fun and games!

In Shear Panic, ewe maneuver your ewes to score points, playing tag, standing close to Roger, or trying to avoid the shearing scissors! Will your brave sheep score the most points, or will it be “Off with the wool” for ewe?

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“I want to like it more...”

I really do want to like this game more than I do. The pieces are fun, solid and unique for a board game. The mechanics of the game are interesting and each players changes things up.

However, the games instructions are not written very well and thus making it difficult to explain to others. And the game is unique enough that the mechanics and rules don’t stick as easily as some games. Every time we pull this one off the shelf, I have to spend 20 minutes reviewing and deciphering the rules to understand how it works and then try to explain it to our friends.

If I had a consistent group that would play this regularly, it would be much more fun. As is, it is too much effort to relearn and then try to teach every time we decide to play it.


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