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BattleLore: Dragons

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An expectant hush falls across the battlefield as the enormous, ancient serpent swoops out of the clouds. With a single breath, the dragon devastates its enemies and strikes terror into the hearts of all who behold it. In BattleLore: Dragons, the epic battle continues with completely new and terrifying combatants: the Ice Drake, the Fire Dragon, and the Wood Wyvern.

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Eminent Domain Fan
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“Good for the Right Price.”

What do you get in the box that retails for $34.95?

8-page rules booklet with 4 new adventures
3 new creature figures:
Ice Drake
Fire Dragon
Wood Wyvern
3 banners
4 Creature (Dragons and Troll) Summary cards
3 Weapon (Dragon Breath) Summary cards
1 Obstacle (Troll Bridge) marker
9 Poison Breath tokens
9 Ice Breath tokens
9 Fire Breath tokens

Is it worth it?

Well, the quality of the dragon sculpts are very nice, though they do need a little bit of “green stuff” if you plan on painting them. The Wood Wyvern (green dragon) and the Fire Dragon (red dragon) are classic dragons in nice, yet non-dynamic, poses. The Ice Drake (blue dragon) on the other hand appears to be sitting on a throne and looks like he has a very human stomach. I really do not like the sculpt of the Ice Drake. The Green and Red Dragon both look very good painted. The Blue looks just okay, due to the odd pose of the sculpt.

The rules for using dragons themselves work well with the system and follow the standard fantasy fare… they breath poison, ice, and fire (which is perfectly fine). The only problem I have is the “expense” of bringing the Fire Dragon into play. It is a level 3 creature (the Ice Drake is level 2) and therefore costs 3 points of your total War Council. The effects of dragons rely heavily on the use of Lore, so you will find yourself unable to play many Lore cards if you are committed to using this bad boy.

Overall, Dragons adds an interesting element to this fine game. I would recommend it if you can find it for less than MSRP. It can be found online for around $20-25.


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Poland Beta 2.0 Tester
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“good expansion”

3 additional dragons to mess with your army.
nice and easy 🙂

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I'm Completely Obsessed
2 of 27 gamers found this helpful
“great models but very expansive”

i love the dragon but for that price i can get a whole new board game all together…


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