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79 out of 156 gamers thought this was helpful

this game reminds me a bit of arkham horror but better … compares with arkham this game comes with miniatures and better components more replay values with out any expansion… and i wont be taking 3-4 hours neither… a better game and a better component even the character sheets are thick … sound tracks that came with the game is pretty cool too imagine that my wife also like this game… and she was the one that point it out that the game kind of like arkham horror anyway if you like arkham horror you should give this one a try…i don’t think you will be dissapointed

Go to the Hansa Teutonica page

Hansa Teutonica

70 out of 145 gamers thought this was helpful

well the game is simple enough for a none gamer and yet complex enough for a gamer …. everyone that i played with so far loved it… i have been playing this game 8-9 times now and it was different every time i recommend it to everyone

Go to the Small World Underground page
10 out of 59 gamers thought this was helpful

initially i gave this game a 7 but the more i play the fun i have if i can change the score now this game will get 10 … simple but yet fun art works are great races are funny whole family can enjoy it

Go to the The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game page
49 out of 227 gamers thought this was helpful

i bought this game today and boy oh boy i love it try it out great game good art works

Go to the Rune Age page

Rune Age

4 out of 38 gamers thought this was helpful

i love this game it is good… the reason y i didnt give it a ten is because i need expansion badly…. i will tell you this is the best deck-building game to date… ithink
well there are better game with deck building mechanic like a few acres of snow or mage knight…. but a game with just cards…. this is the best go to target and get one for 30 bucks and youll see what im talking about

Go to the A Few Acres of Snow page
93 out of 195 gamers thought this was helpful

this game and mage knight game is at the moment my fav…. in my opinion card building like dominion can only take you so far with out theme and physical maps that is where this game come in deck building with theme and actual game play….if you like dominion but feel like the game is missing something…. try this game

Go to the Dungeons & Dragons: Lords of Waterdeep page
48 out of 110 gamers thought this was helpful

i love it… great great components the game itself isnt all that originals but melt all these great things together and came up quite well… i played this game 3 times now and i love it you guys should try it out

Go to the Mage Knight Board Game page
56 out of 146 gamers thought this was helpful

i bought this game a few months back and i gotta say A+ across the board components game play everything is great…. the game doesnt take too long neither highly recommend for any med-heavy gamers

Go to the Kingdoms page


2 out of 51 gamers thought this was helpful

good filler game not much to it… i love the castles that come with the game a lot

Go to the Formula D: Sebring and Chicago East Park page
59 out of 96 gamers thought this was helpful

fun track

Go to the Formula D page

Formula D

46 out of 140 gamers thought this was helpful

i like this game but i think rallyman is a better game components are great good beer and pretzels game

Go to the Dungeon Petz page

Dungeon Petz

65 out of 197 gamers thought this was helpful

simple… a glorify tamagotgi

Go to the Survive: Escape from Atlantis! page
36 out of 143 gamers thought this was helpful

i played with this one guy and screwed him up real bad i don’t see him around no more he was so sooo mad

Go to the Cosmic Encounter page

Cosmic Encounter

56 out of 174 gamers thought this was helpful

i do love and hate this game just …. good fun party game but you do need 5 people to have a good game and it so dorn random you know….

Go to the King of Tokyo page

King of Tokyo

43 out of 178 gamers thought this was helpful

i played this game this weekend and i think it’s fun the only thing i dont like is the cut-out cardboard charectors i wish they were miniatures i would have enjoy it a lot more

Go to the Quarriors! page


50 out of 96 gamers thought this was helpful

well, i found it… the game that people can’t say no to…
a very simple system people can learn how to play(and play well) in 10 mins… my wife loves this game… great art works maybe just the lack of deep strategy keeping it away from 10/10… it came very close though highly recommend for any kind of gamers library a must have…

Go to the Magic: The Gathering page
60 out of 105 gamers thought this was helpful

well, not much to say about this game… i got into playing this game back in urza saga… quit when soon after invasion… let me tell you guys a little secrets….if u wanna win dont buy any boosters… just buy the 40 $ cards and pack them into your deck lol you dont even need to be any good….i think L5R is a way better card games and there are those deck building games out there that are fair and require more thoughts and skills

Go to the Talisman: The Reaper page
60 out of 148 gamers thought this was helpful

good expansion

Go to the Talisman: The Highland page
1 out of 39 gamers thought this was helpful

this is my fav expansion… awesome art works

Go to the Zombies!!! (2ed) page

Zombies!!! (2ed)

3 out of 55 gamers thought this was helpful

i think this is a good game when you are bored and don’t wanna spend too much time setting up… game play is a screw me screw you kind of deal… light….short…funny good for between games or less than one hour break…

Go to the Flames of War: Open Fire! – Starter Set page
1 out of 36 gamers thought this was helpful

well this box set got me into the game… inside the box …
mini rulebook…
3 shermans m4a1
2 stuG III
very well done miniature if you thinking about starting flames of war i highly recommended

Go to the Carcassonne page


48 out of 112 gamers thought this was helpful

i think that this game is good but i enjoy it more on my xbox360

Go to the The Settlers of Catan page
21 out of 82 gamers thought this was helpful

this game make non gamers wanna play more complex games

Go to the Memoir '44 page

Memoir '44

59 out of 121 gamers thought this was helpful

a bit more complex compared to battle cry… still a great game… always a plus when there are like 10 expansions for it

Go to the Battles of Westeros page
5 out of 46 gamers thought this was helpful

i dont like this game… too complicated for the what it is… anyone that knows command and colors knows this is the most complex one in the bunch… fantasy flights killed battlelore for this game and to be honest with you… this game isn’t too much fun… too complex… takes forever to setup

Go to the Axis & Allies Guadalcanal page
2 out of 27 gamers thought this was helpful

this is probably the best one if you gonna buy one outside of the world map , pacific, or just europe… this is the best one imo

Go to the Axis & Allies Battle of The Bulge page
1 out of 27 gamers thought this was helpful

well not a bad game but i’d stick with the normal one

Go to the Battle Cry page

Battle Cry

58 out of 94 gamers thought this was helpful

the easiest in the command and colors series… nice miniatures good quality board…i love the series some might say it’s too light…

Go to the DungeonQuest page


60 out of 117 gamers thought this was helpful

well …. if you dont hate losing this is a very good game … hard to win though

Go to the Tide of Iron page

Tide of Iron

52 out of 90 gamers thought this was helpful

my gaming group there are 4 of up kyle 29, scot 64, russell 54,and myself 30… we love WW2 games between 4 of us we have just about every WW2 games there is out there and this is our fav….after 3-4 years of playing the Scenarios the game gave us we came up with some house rules make it almost a miniature game with point system… we love it …
it’s a med way strategy game so those of you who likes asl probably wont like this game… but for us it’s just hit our sweet spot…
i highly recommend

Go to the Dreadfleet page


9 out of 49 gamers thought this was helpful

like another of the GW scams this one is also out to get your money…beautiful miniatures but they asked for too much for what it is… if i didn’t get gift certificate for my last birth day i wouldnt have bought it…
well this gonna be my last game or anything from GW coz i think i grown to hate them , and i hate them so so much….
anyway…. this game is ok… it will be fun for a while but i think you are better off getting other games that does the similar things that is half if not quarter of the price GW asked for
i recommend… battleship galaxy(41$), wings of war(10$per a painted miniature), or if you really like ships to ships battle .. wait for “sail of glory to come out”… miniatures will come prepainted and they won’t ask for a 100 from you neither, i think their starter will be around 60 bucks like wings of war was

Go to the Axis & Allies 50th Anniversary Edition page
64 out of 174 gamers thought this was helpful

only one thing to say…. if u ever see it buy it… well worth it i got a copy and it’s awesome i think it’s better than the 1940 2 big maps

Go to the 7 Wonders page

7 Wonders

33 out of 95 gamers thought this was helpful

got this a week ago from barns and nobles…love it sirs love it

my wife, my mom, even my 54 years young next door lady came over and play all the time…
you see, i love civilization board game…but it is so super super super difficult to get a game going… i always say a good can only be as good as how often it hits the table…and i gotta say… there isn’t any questions why this game became a Phenomenon like settlers of catan did 10 years ago….
great art works great replay values and deep enough for a real gamers to enjoy yet simple enough to use ask a gateway game…
love it sirs

Go to the BattleLore page


64 out of 95 gamers thought this was helpful

well what should i say… i became a miniature war gamer for the first time 13 years ago with war hammer… and i love fantasy/historical miniature game… and this game can be both… cheap enough if you compare this game with games workshop stuff…well written rules and easy enough to teach someone how to play in 15 mins…i crack this out and never fails to pick up a game… i love everything about this game

many people complain about the command and colors series that it’s a dice game and even if you are a good general you still can get screw coz you have no cards to move the troop…and die roll make the game too random… my opinion those things isnt true at all say during a confusion of a battle you send a runner to tell a captain of that company to move and by chance that runner got killed before he can deliver the message…or look at the german in ww2 at kurst how the german have bigger and better equipments still they got their *** beaten once or so times … nothing in life really ever go as plans a real good general knows that… and those are the random factor the random card and die rolling is represent….
p.s. a good general knows to plan for the worst and hope for the best anyway…

anyway i recommend this game to anyone who like medium level miniature war game

Go to the Axis & Allies 1942 page

Axis & Allies 1942

54 out of 87 gamers thought this was helpful

i got like 8-9 people hooked on this thing and none of them are gamers…it’s like a gate way drugs….2 of them now play flames of war… the other one plays axis and allies miniatures…my friend kyle went and bought every version of the game lol it’s a long game though prepare to spend least 4 hours …

Go to the Star Trek: Fleet Captains page
85 out of 195 gamers thought this was helpful

well i bought this game after what his face showed it on the dice tower game video…components are great but very Disappointment with game play… so i just use all these plastic ships and make my own game… well i also use it in the battle ship galaxy game …. i am a sucker for star trek things oh well… 43 bucks for those ships i guess gotta think possitive

Go to the Merchants & Marauders page
62 out of 147 gamers thought this was helpful

awesome game…. if u ever play pc pirates it’s exactly just like that i had so much fun playing with my gamer group… brought it home and try to get my wife to play she hated it…. too many things to do too many little details (and she loves pirates stuff) the game would take you the whole afternoon to finish… like i said if you have a few gamers friends get it you guys will freaking enjoy it… but if u see it at barns and nobles and thinking about getting it coz the components is awesome but no one to play with… dont do it man… go to walmart and get a freaking pc game for 9.99

Go to the Belfort page


60 out of 163 gamers thought this was helpful

not much to say but it’s a good solid game for both none gamers and gamers…. good art works … cute enough to trick my wife to play with me all the time love this game…

Go to the Arkham Horror page

Arkham Horror

34 out of 95 gamers thought this was helpful

this is the first game i pick up and get me back into the gamer world excellent components… great art work…components are the strong point of the game and it’s also the achelles heel of the game so many cards i dont know where to put them gamers never said no to this game but to get a none gamer to play this game …. well its a pain in the butt… and after you add all these expansion to the game good luck try to get those none gamers to stay till the end…i say it’s an A+ for gamer but a C for a none gamers if you gonna play i think you should just use the base game no expansion… i will tell you … youre gonna need like 2 6foot tables

Go to the Rex: Final Days of an Empire page
55 out of 114 gamers thought this was helpful

using the old system of dune…. ok components ok art works…pick it up if u have extra money …. if not you didn’t miss anything special

Go to the Dixit Odyssey page

Dixit Odyssey

57 out of 97 gamers thought this was helpful

dude, get like 6 people with massive attack playing in the background … a few bottles of patrone … you will get yourself a party

Go to the Battleship Galaxies page
67 out of 94 gamers thought this was helpful

number one… the game is really cheap
number two… my mom and my wife learn it in like 10 mins
number three… miniatures came painted
number four… beautiful components
number five…every time i pop it out at home or at the local game store i will get a game…
number six… maybe it will have many expansions
number seven…reminding you of your childhood.. well kind of
number eight…came with a comic book
number nine…it’s still out there easy to find no need to hunt it down i … i got my for 39 bucks off some web
number ten…custom die
get it guys

Go to the BattleLore: Code of Chivalry page
1 out of 27 gamers thought this was helpful

one of a better expansion for the set…

Go to the Ikusa page


20 out of 50 gamers thought this was helpful

pick up this game if you like to play
axis and allies…
warlord of europe
strategy games
games that takes at least 5-6 hours
like many others this type of games are great…. very fun to play… when i try to explain to people what the game is like i always say…”it’s like risk and monopoly get married and have a baby lol… i love this kind of game…though the only weak point of the game is the length of it… it takes a very long time to finish… i hardly ever finish the game… if you have like minimum of 4 people in your group and know that all of you will finish the game…. love history this is the game for you…. but if your group get most of your games from barns and nobles this may not be the game for you…stick with catan or monapoly or something
i would say my friends loves playing it
my wife hate to see it on the kitchen table(coz she knows its gonna take like 80 hours )

Go to the Super Dungeon Explore page
73 out of 149 gamers thought this was helpful

everything that came in the box is great i had fun playing it… very long game and very hard to find someone to play with i love everything in the box but i think great board games aren’t meant to just stay in the box great board game are those who see the table top often… and if you hate painting miniature…i recomment look else where…

Go to the BattleLore: Dragons page
2 out of 27 gamers thought this was helpful

i love the dragon but for that price i can get a whole new board game all together…

Go to the Ninjato page


97 out of 148 gamers thought this was helpful

this is my first reviews and first let me tell you a bit about myself…
i am married, have a full time job, and a great social life… about 15 years ago i was introduced to a game store in atlanta called “the war room”… and for the next 5 years i was a hardcore gamer i played everything from magic, warhammer, warhammer 40k, and own many many board games…though i’m not gonna lie while i was a hardcore gamer my social life was changed dramaticly…i have less and less friends that was a none gamer seems that my life was about playing game painting my miniatures and going to many many cons all over the south…
later on i had to grow up a bit went to college get a full time job so i played less and less game…eventually i stop playing all together sold my magic collection…so all my warhammer armies on ebay….most of my board games were either sold or lost through friends and many moved i had…and i would say from my early 20s through about when i turned 28 i didn’t play any games or would i tried to stay up to date about the gaming and hobbies…till i got married…
i found that married life is a bit different from when i was single i go out less i have more free time to do many many other boring things like watch tv playing with my x-box go to the movies and such… so one day i drove by a game store called ” the tower games” and went in there and i would say a decade has came and passed i saw many many new board games that are new and interesting gaming world that i left behind about 10 years ago has grow into something different and i like it a lot(for the exception of games workshop coz it became such a rip-off money sucking company)… all the gamers i just met then and there made me feel right at home…so i agreed to myself to give it a try and well… i have been playing games ever since
after a while like every gamers out there… i wanted to get my wife in this i tried many many of my fav games but the mission is almost impossible…to try to get a none gamer to play games like axis and allies, dugeonquest, talisman, or civilization… is a very hard thing to do…. either the about of components of the game, or the size of the rulebook some how i couldnt seem to get her to be interested… yes she would try to play but i could tell that she isnt really into it…games after games after a year i gave up…
one day i realized maybe those games that my friends and i enjoy as gamers are too deep then i saw a review about ninjato on you-tube by dicetower ….
went to buy it the next day played a few games with my friends at the game store it has enough dept for a gamer like myself but simple enough for none gamers…they have chances to win…i brought it home and now my mother and my wife is addicted to this game….
in conclusion…. this game is awesome to too short not too long… easy to teach easy to play… board and cards are very very good in quality…art works are very beautiful…. i love it… everywhere i go it never fail to impress people… easy to pick up a game… i highly suggest this for anyone…

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