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Flames of War: Open Fire! – Starter Set - Board Game Box Shot

Flames of War: Open Fire! – Starter Set

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Open Fire! has been carefully designed for someone who has never heard of Flames Of War before, or has seen the 256 page rulebook and doesn't know where to start. Open Fire is not a simplified set of the Flames Of War rules, but rather a complete introductory box for a new player!

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I Play This One a LOT
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“Great WWII Miniatures Game.”

If you are into war gaming, you probably hear of Flames of War. It is a collectable game, where you build a force from one of the many book supplements published to support the game, and face off against an opponent who has done the same.

Like most miniature games, there can be a considerably investment associated with playing both in time and money. That being said, it can be a very rewarding hobby. As war games go, this one has one of the largest model ranges available. At 15mm scale they are relatively easy to paint and assemble, as detail is hard to discern on such a small miniature. Though if desired they can be painted and modeled with considerable detail with the appropriate time investment.

This really is a hobby where you get out what you put in. Some people collect so they can have an incredibly painted army, others for the sheer joy of the game. I suggest playing Flames of War for the other players. I have never met a more friendly and helpful group of war gamers that those that have chosen this game.

The rules are complex, and very elaborate. I wouldn’t be dissuaded by this, as the community will help you learn through play. Spend some time with a rulebook, and browse their model range before making any purchases. Good luck, and have fun with this great game.

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“On Flames of War, in general”

Though I do not have this particular set, I do play FoW and can speak of the game system as a whole. This is a fantastic miniatures game. The rules are fairly straight forward (but as with any miniatures game, there are a lot of them to learn). I have some friends who started the game with this set and they say that it makes learning the rules very simple because the missions progress you through the rules slowly, without overwhelming you. As with any miniatures game, expect to spend a lot of money on components. That said, Battlefront Miniatures (the company that makes the game) does a good job of keeping the pricing down and the rules don’t change every other year like with some companies *cough* Games Workshop *cough*. They do a lot to make sure that the customers are happy and this includes being as historically accurate as possible in the sculpts and the rules for each unit.

Bottom line: If you want to try out FoW, this is a great place to start.

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“good place to start”

well this box set got me into the game… inside the box …
mini rulebook…
3 shermans m4a1
2 stuG III
very well done miniature if you thinking about starting flames of war i highly recommended


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