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“Terrain for better gaming”

Flames of War, like many other miniature games is highly dependent on terrain.
Too much and things get congested and burn time just to negotiate.
Too little and certain army builds dominate in a “no man’s land” shooting gallery.

To really set FoW up for good rewarding tactical game with increased suspense, you should err on the heavy on terrain side.

Many gamers like to be minimalist with terrain for multiple reasons; its quicker to set-up and it accommodates their type of list.

Pack in the terrain so that it covers a good 35% f the total table space and has an average of 6″-8″ openings with only a few table long corridors. Blend in hard terrain with soft terrain; i.e. terrain that tanks can barrel through but need to take “Bog-down” checks.

This blend of terrain makes for the best balance of armies; Artillery don’t dominate in an open game
Tanks can’t necessarily play hit and run or place suppression fire.
Infantry can’t bunker into a fox hole and just wait for the opposition to get mowed down as it crosses the table to take an objective.

So, unless we’re playing Kursk or an El Alemain tank based scenario, we pack that terrain in.

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