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Dixit 2 - Board Game Box Shot

Dixit 2

| Published: 2010
Expansion for Dixit
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Dixit 2 makes Dixit even more fun! The multi-award winning party game returns with an 84 card add-on. Allow yourself to be caught in their spell and be transported on a new voyage of discovery. Dixit...a surprising, exciting, and evocative game to be enjoyed with friends and family alike.

  • More cards!
  • More stunning artwork by Marie Cardouat!
  • More challenges!
  • More fun!

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“Making a great game better”

This expansion to Dixit changes nothing about the base game, but simply adds many more cards to an already fun game. With the extra cards, players can opt for a longer game, swap in and out cards, and simply have a larger pool of cards to draw fun.

If you’re unfamiliar with the base game, Dixit is a simple, but incredibly fun, storytelling-style game where you give a clue or phrase to a card you’re playing. Everybody else plays a card of their own to match your clue, and then they all try to guess at which card is yours! Points are scored for right guesses, or for people wrongfully guessing yours when you’re not the storyteller. The storyteller scores points if they were successful in having at least one player guess their card, but not everybody.

This game plays with as few as 3, but is best with 5 or 6.

Beautiful artwork on the cards
Fair scoring system
Simple straightforward rules
A fun casual game for all variety of players


Requires creative and imaginative players

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“More is Better”

Aesthetically, Dixit is not a game of minimalism: from the awesome bunny meeples on the score track to the huge, gorgeous cards. Sure, there’s a certain child-like simplicity to the illustrations, but the artist clearly revels in creating compositions that drive expansive free-association.

On the other hand, while a game with the simplicity of Go would abhor expansions, it makes perfect sense in Dixit. There are no new mechanics here, no special powers, or new pieces. Just new material, new, tiny words to explore.

And this is just the way it should be. Dixit’s one main problem was that seeing the exact same cards with the exact same group can sometimes devolve into rehashing the same stories. By nearly doubling the available card pool, there’s a lot more opportunity to mix things up.

Personally, I’d love to see new Dixit expansions with some frequency. Of course, some monolithic art factory churning out neo-surrealist game cards is kind of the antithesis of Dixit, even if it would make for a great illustration for a Dixit card. So, perhaps the scope for this sort of frequent expansion might be limited. Whatever happens, though, as long as the quality remains as high as Dixit 2, all I can do is recommend expansions with enthusiasm!

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“More of a Great Thing, Is a Great Thing!”

Dixit 2 really is a simple expansion at its heart. It’s 84 more beautifully illustrated cards for your games of Dixit. No new rules. No new pieces. Just cards. Again the illustrations are done by Dixit’s artist Marie Cardouat and she manages to hit on many of the themes and moods that she hit with her art for the original game. This more of the same approach allows Dixit 2 to seamlessly mix with the original cards. It’s likely that after a few plays you’ll have actually forgotten which cards came from which set.

The only real complaint that some may have with this expansion is the price, particularly relative to the original game. Personally though as I take the time to look through each card and consider the effort and work involved in the creation of the art I really find it hard to complain. But no doubt others out there will be harder to please.

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“Essential booster for fans of Dixit”

This expansion just adds more cards and does not change the gameplay of Dixit. The artwork is by the same artist who did the cards in Dixit.

Should you own this expansion?
If you are a fan of Dixit then I believe this expansion is a must as the cards are by the same artist and this improves the replayability of the game which is probably one of the major downfalls of the base Dixit. I would recommend buying this expansion at the same time as the base game (or Dixit Odyssey).

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“Extends the life of a great game”

A fantastic addition to a classic game. To be clear, the game itself has not changed, and this expansion pack does not come with a new board, but adds longevity. The graphics are amazing, certainly no decrease in quality there, which we are really thankful for.

The bottom line here is that if you are a fan of Dixit, you will be a fan of Dixit 2 and all the new ideas and gameplay that comes with this expansion pack.

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“Since it Already Worked There Was No Need to Fix it - So They Didn't”

If you’re already a fan of Dixit, this expansion will be perfect for you. While many expansions attempt to alter the base game, or enhance it, Dixit 2 stays true to the original game. With this expansion, you get 84 additional cards; no changes in rules or pieces complicate the already simple game design.

My Thoughts

There is not a lot one can say to convince someone to get this expansion. If you like Dixit, it’s very likely you’re going to enjoy Dixit 2. The extra cards will allow for fresh games if your group has played the base game so often that clues are being reused.

Dixit 2 can be played as a deck by itself, partially mixed into the main deck, or fully integrated for a longer game experience. My groups tend to want to make the game go longer, so adding the cards to the main stack is the primary way we play.

I would recommend waiting to add Dixit 2 until you have played Dixit a number of times. This is not because the expansion makes things more difficult, but I believe you’ll lose some of the enjoyment the base cards can bring if you move on quickly. Adding Dixit 2 can bring a sense of excitement and ‘newness’ to the game that I think is missed if you start playing with it too soon.

The artwork is going to be familiar to what you’re used to from Dixit. I personally prefer the first set’s art (if you’re only going to have one, I’d go with the base game), but I know others that disagree, and adore the new cards.

Overall, if you like Dixit, pick up Dixit 2 and keep the fun and stories going!

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“Great booster for the base game”

More great pictures for Dixit. I suppose if you really wanted to, you could probably buy just this pack and make your own pieces to do the scoring and voting, but then you’ll miss out on the other cards in the base set. Regardless, this is a terrific addition to an already great game.

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“Double Your Dixit with Dixit 2”

Before I start getting into this expansion, I’d like to make something clear that had me confused when I first found Dixit 2: it’s the same exact product as Dixit Quest. They both have the same exact cards in them, it’s just that Dixit 2 is supposed to be marketed toward Europeans and Dixit Quest for Americans, so purchase whichever you can find cheapest.

Anyway, this expansion is just about as basic as an expansion can be: it adds 84 new cards to the base Dixit. This literally doubles the number of cards that could be played during the game. This makes a huge difference in replay ability as players now have a lot more art to base their clues off of, opening the door for so much more creativity in the group. The cards mix in with the base game flawlessly, as if they were both designed as one product.

Overall, this $23 expansion is certainly worth picking up if you enjoy Dixit. If you’d like to learn more about the base Dixit game and how it plays, youtube: “Tabletop: Dixit with Wil Wheaton,” or check out my review on Dixit on my home page.

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“More of the same - amazing!”

The name is a bit interesting. Dixit 2? It’s an expansion, so why name it a sequel? Well, the first Dixit didn’t require a game board, it’s only used to keep track on points. In fact, Dixit 2 can be played alone, just know the rules or download from the game producers game site.

If you already own Dixit and like it, then get this game/expansion. Stop reading and get it. It adds more cards. More amazing artwork. And more replayability. That’s basically what you get.


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