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88 out of 132 gamers thought this was helpful

Even thou there isn’ t much “story” involved in playing this game, the cards themselves add to the enjoyment of this quick playing game. The game is fairly simple to teach others how to play. Players don’t have to know anything about the books to enjoy the game, but the artwork of the cards will probably make them curious about the story.

Gameplay is cooperative and competitive at the same time, thou the more players you have the more competitive the game will play out. One of the quicker games I’ve played, but replay is good if people like it.

The only thing about the game I’m not a huge fan of is the lack of consequence for failing to complete challenges, but this fixes itself when there are at least 4 players. That’s when the competitiveness makes it so players don’t have to cooperate somuch to comolete challenges.

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Though the original is a modern classic, this expansion adds alot of options for more varied gameplay. Love adding the fishing aspect, include this into pretty much every game. More options for collecting resources is always a plus, kids get more involved with this. The rivers are interesting, adding gold to the equation, and the bridge building gets very strategic. Haven’t plated the caravan expansion yet, may someday, but like everything else this expansion adds. The Barbarian scenarios, really change the strategy of the game entirely, making allies a must, at least until you need to double cross them.

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