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“Play it the old school way.”

We play this expansion differently in my group, more the way it was played inearlier editions. 1st- to entetr the dungeon you need to be at a dungeon entrance card or at the ruins at the beginning of your turn. When you enter the dungeon you stop at the entrance for your first turn. Once in the dungeon you can only move further into it, unless cards, locations or spells say different. For the most part this makes it more difficult than the other regions of the board and other expasions so unless you have good stats and an abundance of life, try not to go in too early. Players die in the dungeon alot this way, and retreiving their stuff can become difficult because of the one way movement. If your playing with the Reaper or Werewolf expansions, They move into the dungeon freely, just like any other region, but they can only move forward as well, when their movement brings them to the end of the dungeon the player controling them can place them anywhere they want, except the inner

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