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In a fertile land fraught with danger, great kingdoms compete for valuable resources. But evil lurks in the murky swamps and haunted graveyards – hazards a savvy ruler would best avoid. Can you lead your kingdom to wealth and glory?

Kingdoms is a fast-paced, strategic board game in which two to four players assume the roles of rival kings trying to increase their wealth by establishing castles across the land. By building castles in the richest regions, you stand to reap the most rewards. But build carefully! The most sought after regions may be infested with dragons, trolls, and other hazards that seek to rob your kingdom of its riches.

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Designed by Reiner Knizia (Ingenious, Lord of the Rings: The Board Game), Kingdoms offers a rapid and strategic contest of wits in which players attempt to outthink and outmaneuver each other, all while ensuring the best positions for themselves.

First published by Fantasy Flight Games in 2002, Kingdoms has been updated in this comprehensive new version to feature detailed plastic castles, a streamlined ruleset, and other welcome game enhancements.

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“Quick and mathy”

Kingdoms is a quick and easy to learn tile laying game. It contains multiplying and requires pen and paper to write the scores, which is always a bad sign for a board game to me. But it is quite fun!


Lay tiles and build castles in the way that will bring you the most points. Multiplying and counting are involved.


I could teach you the game in 2 minutes. The rules are simple and clear.


It is very fast, but doesn’t lack depth. You draw and play a random tile, play your one non-random tile, or place a castle. The numbers on the tiles (both positive and negative) are then multilied by the number of the towers on you castles. There are a few special tiles, and your castles have different number of towers on them, Battleship style. This offers a lot of strategy choices and interesting decisions. You could also screw with the other players, which is always fun!


Meh. All that you get is pictures with positive or negative numbers on them. The theme is generic fantasy – wizards, dragons, trolls and castles. Any theme could serve to these mechanics, but the chosen one does the trick, I guess.


It’s not a game that you want to play all the time, but it will most likely make you “play one more” again and again. It’s a perfect filler between heavier games, that’s for sure.

Art and components

The game comes with these cute castle pieces and the tiles are nice and thick. The art is beautiful and the game is layed out nicely.

My thoughts:

It’s a fun little game. Honestly, I think it is overpriced for what it is, but I can see myself playing it over and over again. Perfect filler, nice components, easy rules. This game has a place in pretty much every collection. Just buy it on a sale or whatever – you can definetely live without it.

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good filler game not much to it… i love the castles that come with the game a lot


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