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Axis & Allies Revised - Board Game Box Shot

Axis & Allies Revised

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Axis & Allies title

Change the Course of History in a Few Short Hours

It is spring, 1942, and the world is at war.

Five world powers struggle for supremacy: Germany and Japan are aligned against England, the Soviet Union, and the USA. You control the military and economic destiny of one of these countries in the titanic struggle that will decide the fate of the world. You will need the perseverance of Montgomery, the daring of Rommel, the courage of Patton, the timing of Yamamoto, and the steadfastness of Zhukov!

Axis & Allies is a classic game of war, economics, and strategy. It's now been revised and expanded by Avalon Hill. The new edition features updated plastic pieces, a more detailed map, new victory conditions, and loads of extras.

The blitzkrieg rages; can you stop it?

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“I love this game!”

This is THE definitive Axis & Allies game. Whilst there are many variants, this is the version that I would recommend to new players as it encompasses all aspects of the basic game without going to TOO much detail. I have turned many friends onto Axis & Allies with this very version, the ‘revised edition – 2004’. I loved it so much, I have even taken it on holiday to Australia and Malta! If you want a basic-medium level World War II strategy game, then this is the one for you.

Each plaer, on their turn, uses monopoly-style paper money (1’s, 5’s & 10’s) to buy their weapons of war – and you can buy everything from Tanks & Infantry right through to Bombers & Battleships – YOU decide what to buy and how to use it to bring about the defeat of your opponents. You can also use some of your cash to invest in and conduct Research & Development, where your units and economy could recieve a substancial boost, giving you that much needed edge over your enemies. But they can also gain the same advantages as you, so try to stay ahead of them!

Where the game can get a bit complex is that each unit (land, sea & air) has its own rules and values. Each unit has a Cost, Movement, Attack & Defence score. The better the unit, the more it’ll cost. But it’s also a god thing to have stacks of cheap Infantry to defend your key territories! It’s all up to the individual player to decide what to purchase, and how best to employ it. And this is where your own personal style really comes to the fore; it’s all about the choices/decisions and strategy.

The quality of the game components is very good and serves the required purpose. Some players may find the map/board a littl on the small side as things can get crowded sometimes. But overall, I would say that I am VERY happy with this product. There are more complicated versions available so this is a nice place to start! I would recommend to both casual and avid gamers alike.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it.

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“An introduction to Wargaming”

I am suprised with people thinking this is a depth strategy game.

For me its easy to learn, with fast action from turn 1, lots of dice rolling, playing as part of a team: the game is very fun for a “soft” wargaming day. Once you learn the basics you go straight to fighting since every turn is a repetition of the actions of the previous one.

However what you chose to build/move/attack in a map of such scale clearly gives you many options, although the orders and the units are the same. In fact your actions influence the entire map more than it does with other games, since this is a 2-team game: No diplomacy to make up for failure in the field: Whatever you gain, the enemy team loses, and the other way round. You need to be a team player and a rational thinker, but not really a general; the game is simple in its basic rules, but harder to excel in practice.

Still its a board game with rules that can be explained in 15 minutes, not a strategy game with 200 pages manual. So it can appeal to both wargamers, and softer board gamers, definately worth a try.

On the minus side: A lot of dice that plays very important role especially in “expensive” naval and air battles, and that it indeed takes a bit ‘too long’ for what it offers.

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“High strategy at it's highest level!”

This game (in all it’s iterations) can be massively complicated (intricate and detailed,) fantastically time consuming, thoroughly emotionally engaging, and, when fought well, the entire outcome may hinge upon a single roll of the dice. Yet, like a good bad habit, it keeps you coming back for more. Days of my life have been spent playing, planning, and fretting over this game. Each new version increases the depth of the field further ratcheting up the intensity. There have been issues taken with the newer pieces, and the subtleties make it hard to master the details. That said, I have rated it at 15 stars, because it is that good. It really rates an 11 (3 for new components and easy to learn), but the Replay value is closer to 9, so that evens out. 🙂

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“Indepth Strategy”

While the game is not quickly learned or mastered, it is incredible. If you are thetype who likes pouring over a game looking for weaknesses in their opponent or even playing out strategies by themself, this is the game for you.
The only frustration with the game is the “luck effect” found in some of the dice rolls. But a careful strategist takes these into account.

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“Great strategy... Takes too long”

A step up from Risk but it suffers from a similar problem of taking too long for how much fun it is.

With that said, if you want a WWII specific war game, then Axis & Allies is probably the most accessible.

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“Fun but long, watch out for strategy lawyers”

One of the best games I’ve played. Can be a bit long (7-12 hours usually) which may be good or bad depending on the players.
Realistically needs at least 4-5 people playing. Although there are venues to play online, I’ve found there are a lot of A&A freaks out there who just go flippin’ nuts if you make a “wrong move” that isn’t listed in their strategy guides.

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“One of the Classic War Games.. A MUST play!”

The Axis & Allies game series is indepth and challanging. Revised Edition is a good start for beginners.

Highly recommended.

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“Choose the wise strategy”

Many possibilities : which front to focus on ? try to crush enemy on earth or choose a naval or airborne tactic ?

There’s a lot of possibilities and each game is quickly different.

Turns can be very long, especially for beginners, and game board is quickly a bit saturated with units but for World War II amateurs it’s a pleasure to spend hours facing this map!


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