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Tide of Iron

52 out of 59 gamers thought this was helpful

Although this comes in a BOX it is not really a “BoardGame”.

The average gamer will be overwhelmed by the vast amount of tokens, units, bases and cards included. Although all the components are of the highest quality… I had to give the game a 4/5 for Components due to the fact that there are just TOO MANY!! Once you have removed them all there is no real storage for them in the game box… My box is filled with Zip-lock bags just to keep it organized and playable.

I say it is not a “Board Game” because it is really an attempt to put the full scale experience of Miniature Wargaming into one box.

The Rule book is exhaustive and has many missing elements. If you really get into this game you will often need help from the online community to sort out discrepancies in the rules.

NOT AN EASY GAME TO LEARN… but if you put in the effort a great game over all.

Being a Miniatures game will endless configurations to the modular board the Replay value is very high.

If you are interested in getting into Miniature wargaming, this is a good place to start so you are aware of the complexity involved. Better to try TIDE OF IRON first, than spend a fortune on Miniatures and Terrain etc.

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6 out of 22 gamers thought this was helpful

Great game for Axis & Allies fans OR other gamers.

The replay value is more limited than the larger strategy versions of Axis & Allies.

It is one of my favourite “Theater” War games however do to it’s short length and easy game play.

A good “into” game for rookie wargamers.

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5 out of 25 gamers thought this was helpful

The Axis & Allies game series is indepth and challanging. Revised Edition is a good start for beginners.

Highly recommended.

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