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“Use planes to beat ships”

It is impossible to get a naval fleet from Japan to America or visa-versa in one turn. So, if you’re not interested in invading at the moment, but don’t want to be overrun; instead of getting into a race to develop the biggest navy simply bulk up on bombers and fighters. Not only are they less expensive to produce, but they have a longer range and since the ships can’t get there in one turn you’ll have at least one shot at them before they can even reach you.
You probably want to have some navy so they can’t just drop troops and attack in one turn, but will have to kill off your navy first. Plus this will give your planes a second shot at them.
This lets you defend your backdoor while committing most of your resourses elsewhere.

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“Clear the Airfields for Your Allies”

Capturing key territories involves not only the initial invasion, but also defending against an immediate counterattack to liberate your newest acquisition. You will hopefully have a decent amount of ground units remaining to help protect, but you will be missing out on the best defensive unit in the game, fighters.

Your fighters will not be able to land in territories that you just captured. Normally, this would deprive you of their deadly defensive rating of 4, which can be critical in holding off liberation forces. However, if you coordinate with an ally, they can be ready to land their fighters into the newly captured land before the enemy has an opportunity to retaliate. This is especially effective in Western Europe or Germany, with the United Kingdom as the invader and the United States bringing in air support.

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“Allies get Coordinated”

For the aallies to have a legitimate shot in this game they have to work together on the same they need to either adopt a KJF(Kill Japan First) or KGF(Kill Germany First) Should they decide to split their attacks and hit both powers at the same time… they will find winning a difficult thing indeed.

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“No special power developments”

So much of the strategy that goes into this game goes out the window the moment one of the super powers gets their hands on Heavy Bombers. You may decide to disallow the special upgrades to protect the integrity of the game. I have played many a game where my opponent lost early because they gambled all of their money away trying to get the special upgrades, and have also lost some games early because my opponent got a lucky roll and had heavy bombers after the first turn. While I recognize that this is part of the game. It throws some of the hard worked strategy out of the window.

Another variation of this house rule is to make countries wait a set number of turns before they research for the upgrades.

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“Colored Dice for quicker battles”

As the war machines build up, battles can get bigger. One way to speed up the game is to buy multiple colors of dice. five different colors works best such as Red, White and Blue, with Black and Yellow.

Once you have placed all of your units on the battle board, select a different color die for each column, so red for Infantry, blue for battleships, etc. Then roll the correct number of dice per the units assigned to that die color.

Sort the dice, check the hit value needed and assign all your hits at once. Not only does it speed up battles, it makes it more fun to literally roll a bucket of dice all at once!

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“Keep it simple for the first few games”

Skip the weapons development and optional rules the first couple of times you play this version of A & A. If the right country gets a powerful development early in the game, it can really swing the tide from the outset and make it really difficult for the opponents to catch up (i.e., heavy bombers for USA or rockets for Germany).

Also, the optional rules are very cool for those of us who appreciate the historical significance of Radar, Superfortresses or the Russian Winter – but these are big game-changers as well.

This particular version of A & A makes the Axis stronger than what most of us have been accustomed to. Opening the door to these other options right away can result in a much shorter game than anyone anticipated.

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“Axis & Allies Double Blind”

Axis & Allies Double Blind
Scenario Rules
The scenario will be utilizing Axis & Allies Second/Third Edition Rules plus the following. There are three game boards in use. One private board for each side and a common board.

Each private board contains ONLY the forces of the particular side. The common board contains last known position of both sides.

Initial Setup
Each side sets up on their private board as indicated in the rules.
Each side (not player) may then purchase an additional 12 IPCs. The units purchased MUST be placed on an area which already contains at least one friendly unit. IPCs may be saved.
Each side (not player) may then make ONE non-combat move. One area is designated and all the units may independently perform a non-combat move.

Movement and scouting
There are several ways to learn the actual content of a map section. 1> Use some type of aircraft to scout the land section 2> Enter a land section during combat movement

All Combat Movement must be completed on the private board BEFORE any opposition forces will be set up on the common board. Exception: Blitzing armor will make the BLITZ move after learning the area is unoccupied. All Blitz movement will be completed on the private board BEFORE any apposing forces will be set up on the common board.

Units remain on the common board until
1 > A subsequent entrance/scouting of the land section 2> The opposing side asks for the units to be removed.

Aircraft Reconnaissance
The Action sequence has a step added for Double Blind Play. Air Reconnaissance

Air Reconnaissance is after Purchase Units and Combat Movement. During Air Reconnaissance any air unit (Fighter/Bomber/Reconnaissance) may fly a route (up to its maximum range) from a controlled territory to a controlled territory.

If the flying unit is a fighter/bomber unit ONE area from the route may be scouted. If the flying unit is a reconnaissance unit EVERY area on the route may be scouted. The entire route must be designated before executing the scouting procedure.

Scouting procedure:
1 > Any AA guns in the scouted area may fire at the plane.
2> If there are surviving planes the contents of the area is placed onto the common board.

Air Reconnaissance units cost 12, may not attack, defend with a 1, and have a range of 6. They may NOT land on aircraft carriers.

Players may conduct propaganda. They can purchase mock units for ½ standard cost. These are placed on the map in any allied territory. These units will only be revealed to enemy air reconnaissance units.

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“New Technology: 'Improved ASDIC'”

This house rule allows players to add an extra scientific breakthrough choice during their ‘Phase 1: Develop Weapons’ stage of the game.

Improved ASDIC – Your Destroyers now attack at 3 against enemy Submarines only. Defence remains at 2.

If players find this too powerful, amend it so that each attacking Destroyer must be matched 1:1 with an enemy Submarine, in order to gain this advantage during combat. For example, if there are 2 Submarines being attacked by 4 Destroyers, only 2 of the Destroyers would gain the advantage; the other two Destroyers would still attack at 2 (as normal).

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