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65 out of 76 gamers thought this was helpful

I am a boardgamer at heart, as I have made board games a serious hobby for the last 30 years, but have not played any RPG’s in almost 20 years. My experience with Pathfinder at a recent gaming convention is causing me to reconsider. I’ve tried D&D and many other role-playing games and never cared much for them after the first adventure. For several reasons, I found Pathfinder to be a much different experience. I wanted to try this game based on the glowing reviews I read on For me, this game lived up to the hype and I was not disappointed. I can’t wait to play Pathfinder again.

While the theme of the game is far from original, there are plenty of nuances in the game to set it apart – in a good way – from the competition. The player classes give you great options and it is easy to customize your character. You can choose to represent different factions (which each have their own agendas) which opens up the opportunity for bonus prestige points. The prestige point mechanism is a superior alternative to the clunky, number-crunching experience point mechanism found in other RPG’s.

Pathfinder in general makes the game about the story, the characters, and player interaction which has a strong appeal to a boardgamer like me. It’s not so heavy on the die-rolling and most die rolls are based on a d20 roll with one or two modifiers that are easy to keep track of. As a boardgamer, I have no interest in carrying around several tomes of rules, bestiaries and other nonsense in order to participate. I had the luxury of good GM’s and a couple of experienced Pathfinders to help remind me what dice to roll for my spells and damage. All you need to have fun with this game is a set of dice, pencil, paper and your imagination.

I can’t say enough good things about this game. I would strongly recommend it, even for people like me who normally steer clear of RPG’s.

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14 out of 26 gamers thought this was helpful

This is a great game to teach kids and non-gamers. The rules are simple – flip a few artwork cards over, decide which color you want to go after in the current round, then keep throwing stones into the pot as long as you think you can afford to.

1) simple yet fun
2) family-friendly
3) short duration game is a great time-filler between more serious fare

1) limited strategic challenge, even with experienced players
2) serious gamers will get bored with this quickly

I find the mechanics of the game to be a little quirky, but they are simple to understand and rather seamless once you get the hang of the auction. Definitely worth the 30 bucks if you’re looking for something to play with the kids or casual gamers.

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60 out of 107 gamers thought this was helpful

Pros – 1) Creative use of dice.
2) One of my friends received this as a Christmas gift and I did not.

Cons – 1) Instructions were as useful as a football bat. One of my friends (who is clearly smarter than me) eventually figured out that there are several printing errors in the rules that describe specific cards and actions but show a picture of a completely different card.

2) Cards show lots of pictures that are supposed to represent actions but are not intuitive at all. We had lots of disagreements about what the actions on several cards meant, and the rules were of no help at all.

3) This is a game about rolling dice. The novelty of simply rolling a bunch of dice again and again wore off for me after 3.5 minutes. Troyes never made me feel as if my die rolls had anything to do with the middle ages or Europe or gave me a sense that I was building something for any purpose.

If you want to play a game where everyone just rolls a bunch of dice repeatedly and has a bit of fun doing it, I recommend Yahtzee. It’s a great game that has stood the test of time won’t confuse you with words you can’t pronounce or pictures that are indecipherable. It’s much cheaper too.

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23 out of 44 gamers thought this was helpful

This is game is great for casual gamers and friends…IF they can keep up with the myriad of rule changes. Some of my friends quickly become overtaxed with all of the new rule cards that pop up in between their turns.

This is a great filler between longer games. An average game can go between 5-15 minutes. If you’re in the mood for a lot of strategy, look somewhere else. This is a light, humorous game that is best played with friends after a couple of beers. After playing Fluxx once or twice, everyone has had their fill and is ready to play something with a little more depth.

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