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Power Grid: Factory Manager - Board Game Box Shot

Power Grid: Factory Manager

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Welcome to the world of Power Grid.

After Power Grid taught you the tough competition between energy producers, now you get to know the road traveled b y energy consumers.

Start to be a Factory Manager and make the important decisions to improve your own factory. Fight against the other competitors for the best factory equipment available in the market to be the best player at the end of the game.

Power Grid - Factory Manager is a Business-Buildup-Game. You start with a small factory and try to improve it. At the beginning you may simply focus on increasing the production. Later you are confronted with new challenges: track the ever increasing energy price and cleverly distribute your workers for the best benefit.

By being close to the theme, the game is logical and coherent in its main features. A clever new mechanism improves the game by affecting the player order and the actions on the market.

But don’t say we did not warn you: Because of only 5 turns the game is exciting right from the start. Be careful all the time or your fellow players will mercilessly leave you behind!

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“A very different game from Power Grid.”

Don’t think this game is related to Power Grid.. its not. The mechanic is different, the game is different.

You run a factory producing goods. To make the goods you need machines to help you make them, and shipping capacity to deliver these goods. The power comes in because you need power to run the factory.

Points are scored by your ability to produce goods AND ship them. You cannot ship more goods than you make and you cannot score points for more goods than you can ship. And for all of that you need to have enough power, but you want efficient power. Points are subtracted from your ‘goods shipped’ score based upon your power production .. so the more efficiently you can run the factory, the more you score.

As the game progresses, you upgrade your factory with increased shipping capacity, improve production with robots and machinery, and improve efficiencies with computers and other ‘back office’ upgrades.

But don’t forget, you also need workers to run the factory. Too many are a waste and too few and you cannot produce what you should be able to.

All in all, its a great stand-alone game. I’d say its not as complex as Power Grid. Its a bit simpler on the surface, and certainly a smaller footprint on the table.

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“Strategically sound, fast-paced, and highly-replayable”

One of my favourite games, with a slick, fast-paced mechanic that leaves everybody wishing they had “just one more turn” in order to complete their master plan.

Players use their resources (space, money, and workers) to upgrade their factory, run machines, and produce more money. Improving the energy-efficiency of the factory saves money, especially in the long run, but improving the labour-efficiency pays off quickly by freeing up your workforce to bid for turn-order (and get first pick of the best of the newly-produced machines). The cost of electricity keeps creeping up, but the rate at which it does so isn’t certain, so it takes a shrewd financial mind to play with the deepest possible strategies.

With experienced players, the game flies by and comes to a quick conclusion, but it’s often uncertain exactly who’s won until the very last second, leading to a gripping finish.

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“I would play this again”

I thought that this was enjoyable. Not as great as the original however.


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