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Don’t think this game is related to Power Grid.. its not. The mechanic is different, the game is different.

You run a factory producing goods. To make the goods you need machines to help you make them, and shipping capacity to deliver these goods. The power comes in because you need power to run the factory.

Points are scored by your ability to produce goods AND ship them. You cannot ship more goods than you make and you cannot score points for more goods than you can ship. And for all of that you need to have enough power, but you want efficient power. Points are subtracted from your ‘goods shipped’ score based upon your power production .. so the more efficiently you can run the factory, the more you score.

As the game progresses, you upgrade your factory with increased shipping capacity, improve production with robots and machinery, and improve efficiencies with computers and other ‘back office’ upgrades.

But don’t forget, you also need workers to run the factory. Too many are a waste and too few and you cannot produce what you should be able to.

All in all, its a great stand-alone game. I’d say its not as complex as Power Grid. Its a bit simpler on the surface, and certainly a smaller footprint on the table.

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Of all the games I like to play, this one engaged even my wife, who is a total non-game-player. She was an artist and quite un-logical thinker, but the nature of this game with its mechanic made it accessible and fun for her. This gave us a game we could share.

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