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Star Munchkin

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The Munchkins are back – but now they're Mutants, Androids, and Cat People in space, grabbing Lasers, Vibroswords, and Nova Grenades and fighting Fanged Fuzzballs, Bionic Bimbos, and the Brain In A Jar. Star Munchkin is a complete game using the best-selling Munchkin rules (with a few new twists like Sidekicks), and it can be combined with any other Munchkin items.

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“Stand-alone Munchkin fun for Sci-Fi Fans”

This is a standalone game in the Munchkin series but follows the same gameplay and so like all others, can be combined with other decks.

I won’t go into the original Munchkin rules in detail here (reach lvl 10, fighting monsters, two decks: door cards and treasure cards, stab your friends in the back) and instead will look at the differences between the original and this version.

Races: Androids, mutants, cat people.

Classes: Gadgeteer, bounty hunter, trader and psychic.

Sidekicks: These are basically hirelings but some have a special ability, for example the whiz kid gives you the ability to use as many complex items (like big items) as you can carry.

-aser weapons: All laser cards can be combined into one to create magnificent weapons like a Raser – Laser or even a Bananafanafofaser – shmaser – Dazer….probably my favourite part of this game!

Who is it for?
For the casual and social gamer; this game isn’t really for the strategist. Similarly to the original Munchkins which requires a knowledge of the rpg world, this pack requires a knowledge of the science fiction world to get most of the jokes (mainly star trek and star wars).

– The cards are great parodies of sci-fi
– A good social game where you can just have a laugh with friends

– If you haven’t played before then the rulebook is confusing and I suggest you learn from an experienced player
– Very random and luck driven
– Replayability is low as with the original munchkin the jokes can get old. However, there is a specific star munchkin expansion.
– Not for people who don’t like confrontation.
– Nothing innovative compared to the original Munchkins

Should you own this game?
The pros and cons of this game are pretty much the same as the original; so if you like the original Munchkins and you like sci-fi then get this pack, if not there are many different versions of the game from zombies to princesses, so take your pick! If however you are looking for something a little different from the original Munchkin game then you won’t really find much here.

If you haven’t played Munchkin before then this is a light-hearted game to play with a group of friends but it lacks replayability; if you know someone who has a Munchkin game then give this a go before you buy.


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