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Alhambra: City Gates - Board Game Box Shot

Alhambra: City Gates

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This expansion contains four different modules, which can be combined individually or all together with the basic game.

  • Diamonds adds diamond cards to the game, which can be used to buy anything — but can’t be combined with any other currency.
  • Characters has character cards which are auctioned off when revealed and which have a variety of powers.
  • Camps adds camps which are placed outside the city walls and which score points for the adjacent line of buildings inside the city.
  • City Gates contains city gates which can be placed in your city to allow a path to go through an internal wall to make certain illegal placements legal.

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The Bronze Heart
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“Adds New Life to the Game”

This expansion is the one I play with the most. The camps add a whole new scoring element to the game and keep things interesting. The characters give you the ability to be more powerful than anyone else, and the diamonds are just handy overall, without being too powerful. If you want to add depth to your Alhambra game, get this expansion.

I haven’t played with the gates too often, but it’s an interesting concept, essentially allowing you to “break the rules” of tile placement and escape the confines of your walls. Fun!


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