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Star Fluxx

Star Fluxx box and contents

Just when you thought that Fluxx had gone as far as it could go - it blasts off for the Stars! Explore the vastness of space-themed humor with your valiant Captain, Engineer, and, of course, your Expendable Crewman. Go check out that Small Moon - or is it really a Space Station? You may be swayed by Unseen Forces, held hostage by Evil Computers, or find your ship infested with Cute Fuzzy Aliens. Beware the unexpected as Star Fluxx takes you straight into a Wormhole of hilarity. You'll find yourself wanting to play again and again - watch out... It's A Trap!

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“It's a Trap! (or is it?)”

Star Fluxx is a variant of a game simply known as Fluxx. The rules are nearly the same (except for the creepers) and just the theme is another one. Where the standard Fluxx had everyday life objects and goals … Star Fluxx has (as the name tells) a funny space theme with lots of references to Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who and much other Sci-Fi stuff. But what is Fluxx or in this case Star Fluxx exactly? … let’s have a look.


The game comes in a little box with 100 cards and a piece of paper containing the rules. The cards are of good quality and will survive a lot of games.


For playing the game you don’t necessarily need to read all the rules. Everything you need to know is written on the cards. Just place the starting rules card in the middle and deal everyone three cards. Then start playing. The starting rules are: Draw one card, Play one Card.
There a a few types of cards in this game:
KEEPERS are objects you play in front of you,
ACTIONS are played to do a variety of things like drawing cards, stealing things and so on,
SURPRISES are like ACTIONS but can also be played out of your turn,
NEW RULES can for example force players to draw or play more cards every turn,
GOALS are played in the middle of the table and when someone has the matching KEEPERS (or sometimes CREEPERS) he wins the game.
CREEPERS are bad for you the most times. When you draw one you have to play it immediately and as long as you have it you can’t win (unless the actual goal says otherwise.
So most times the game is just drawing cards and playing cards. Trying to get Goals matching your Keepers in front of you. It’s mostly luck driven with a very, very little amount of tactics.

Replay Value:

As every game has other goals and other card combinations you draw it’s replay value is quite okay. But when you have a problem with games that are playing you instead of you playing them then you will try it once and never touch it again.


– funny sci-fi references
– fun to bend the rules and annoy your opponent
– very easy to learn


– the game is playing you

Last Words:

I understand why someone can dislike this game. It offers no possibility for tactics and much thinking.
But I for myself kind of like it for playing during lunch breaks. When you know all the cards it’s a really fast game and you can just fight your opponent in a quick card battle. And as a bonus: Sci-Fi Fans will find a lot of fun references.

Best wishes,

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“ Space!”

For those of you who don’t know what Calvinball is, it is a game Calvin – from the comic strip ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ – made up. And if you don’t know Calvin and Hobbes, you should definitely check it out! There is only one rule to Calvinball, and the one rule is that it cannot be played the same way twice. I haven’t played other Fluxx games, but I know that the basis of the game remains the same and the themes change.

Star Fluxx is a card based game where the players change the rules and objectives required to win. Every game starts out the same – draw one card and play one card. But with cards changing rules and objectives, the game takes different twists and turns. The deck of cards contains rule cards, which change rules, goal cards, which tell you what needs to happen in order for someone to win, action cards, which let you do something, keeper/creeper cards, which you need in order to complete the/a goal, and surprise cards, which can ruin an opponent’s (or your own) plan.

To win the game, you need to have the appropriate keepers (or creepers) in your possession that match the current goal card.

You may already be visualizing how crazy this game can become. Never have I played a game where you can be so close to winning, and in a split second, you’re not even close. A positive about this is that everyone playing has a chance to win, and everyone also has a chance to foil someone else’s plans!

On top of that, add a sci-fi theme to it, and you’re going to get a lot of nerdy jokes mashing up all sorts of well known sci-fi tales, including Star Wars and Star Trek. The more you know sci-fi, the more enjoyable this game will be.

And if you aren’t a sci-fi buff, that’s ok because this game plays well and will make sense to you even if you don’t get some of the references (but if you’ve seen Star Wars, you’ll get a lot of the references).

While I enjoy this game, it is certainly not a ‘go-to’ game for me. It’s easy to teach and learn, but the unpredictability of the game can be frustrating to new players. And the unpredictability leads to erratic game lengths. The game can last 10 minutes, or 45 minutes, depending on what cards are played. On the positive side, the unpredictability increases its replay value.

Component-wise, the cards are ok. The artwork is fun and the cards do a good job of explaining how they work, but the card quality itself is just ok. If you play it a lot, they’ll get dog eared pretty easily. The instruction manual is marginally helpful. If you haven’t played the game before, the manual won’t make much sense. But the instructions DO say that the best way to learn it is to play it, and I totally agree with that. The cards tell you how to play.

Overall, if you are into sci-fi and randomness with a little bit of strategy and a good amount of luck, this is a good game. For the price, it packs a lot of fun. It’s a lighthearted game which creates a friendly atmosphere, so family, casual, social, and even avid gamers would like it. Strategy and power gamers, *uses Jedi mind powers* “this is not the game you’re looking for…now move along.”

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“Space... The Final Frontier...”

This is the first fluxx game I ever played and I immediately loved it. Basically, fluxx is a card game where the rules can change throughout the game. The goal of the game is to match what is on the goal card, but be weary, the goal card is constantly changing… players place “keeper” cards which are used to fulfill goal cards and declare victory. But watch out, “Creeper” cards can infect your play area and prevent you from winning. Players can play new rules which can drastically change the game or can play action cards or surprise cards to effect the game play as well. basically, the game starts with a draw 1 and play 1 rule but can quickly change as there are “new rules” cards which vary from specific rules to increasing draw and play amounts, and there is even a play all rule which forces players to play every card they have (this usually leads to a faster game depending on the draw rule).

Overall, this game can get a little crazy but is easy to learn. It isnt a very long game and is great for short to medium game sessions. It can be a good intro to tabletop gaming, especially for people who are into sci-fi but are hesitant to play. there are a bunch of different themed fluxx’s as well as the original fluxx which are also very fun.

In terms of replay value, this game has a lot of replay value, but victory is almost always a surprise so dont expect this game to be super competitive or fulfilling. It is more just fun and a good way to pass time. Great for family and casual gamers.

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“Beam me up, Scotty! I need to get on the TARDIS, because the force is strong with this one!”

Star Fluxx is the Fluxx family of games that adds a lot of sci-fi tropes from just about every sci-fi show that many of us all know and love. It plays very similar to other Fluxx titles and adds “creepers” to the game to mix things up.

Lots of sci-fi humor
Small box and portable

Can drag out long sometimes

Fluxx is pretty simple game in that you start out with a few rules, then the cards continue to change the rules as you go. That’s really what the game is about … the rules are “flux” throughout the game. Players start out with a hand of cards and can only draw one and play one card on their turn unless they play something that changes the rules. There are six types of cards in Star Fluxx: rules, actions, goals, interrupts, keepers, and creepers.

Rules – allow a player to change the rules, and normally cover up older rules (e.g. draw two cards a turn instead of one).
Actions – allow a player to perform a special action like search the draw pile for card.
Interrupts – allow a player to perform and action on someone else’s turn.
Keepers – let players place these cards in front of them and sometimes grant special abilities
Goals – these cards set the winning conditions for the game.
Creepers – these special cards attach to a one of players keepers cards immediately depending on the creeper type. A player cannot win with a creeper card even if they have certain keeper cards to meet a goal. The only way a player can win with a creeper is if a goal explicit states the winning conditions has that creeper. Multiple creepers will definitely prevent a win.

So the goal of the game is to meet the current goal card’s winning conditions. Players can override goal cards with goal cards they play, because normally, only one goal card can be in play. This where the chaos ensues as players jockey to get the goal card they need, and everyone else disrupts the play with different rules and actions.

Star Fluxx is meant to not be taken seriously. It’s all about having fun and being along for the ride as the game twists and turns to a conclusion. I really enjoy that game when I need a break from heavy brain burning games. Although, it still has a lot of “take that” factor to it.

The only downside besides the randomness is that the game could potentially take a REALLY long time. This doesn’t happen often, because sometimes people are dealt the winning hand on the first turn. Those are rare occasions, but potential buyers should be warned. No one can begin to predict how long a round of Star Fluxx will take.

Just be ready to buckle in your straps and prepare for LUDICROUS SPEED!

Gamer Recommendations
Family GamerYES – rules easy, although jokes may go over kids heads, artwork is appealing
Social GamerYES – lots of interaction and trash talk
Casual GamerYES – rules easy, just a hoot.
Strategy GamerNO – pure chaos
Avid GamerMAYBE – depends on how they like chaos
Power GamerNO – not deep enough.

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“Fun, short, Warm-up game”

A fun little game, the theme of space is an improvement on the original Fluxx which felt a bit to bland. I like to use this game at the start of game-nights with people who don’t tend to play games very often as it’s easy to explain and it’s luck based mechanics meant that anyone could win it. Less enjoyable for those who didn’t get the references but I enjoyed the ‘similar yet legally distinct’ references including “Intergalactic Travel Guide” and the “Disposable Crewman”. However for more seasoned gamers Star Fluxx may feel to basic and become bored by the mainly luck based game.

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“Great Quick Game”

Star Fluxx (or most any Fluxx game for that matter) is the perfect game to keep in a bag to play on the go. The basic rules are pretty straight forward (draw one, play one), and most of the new rules are pretty straight forward. I always keep a copy with me to play with friends since it works well with two people or five people. Plus the cards themselves are fun to play. It is easy for new players to pick up, and addicting enough to make those new players go out and get their own copies of the game.

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“Our favorite version of the Fluxx Family”

This plays like most of the other Fluxx versions with the Sci-Fi theme. You’ll notice Star Wars, Star Trek, Lost in Space, Dr. Who and Hitchhiker’s Guide all mixed into this one. It does have Creepers (absent in Family Fluxx) that are not as complicated as Zombie Fluxx. It’s right in the middle of the series plus it’s shown on Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop on Youtube!

New players can grasp this version easily enough, it has a little of the Take That but is not nasty. The game can last an hour or five minutes depending on your luck and what you can pull out of your wormhole!

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“Our Favorite Fluxx ”

Star Fluxx is my families favorite Fluxx game. The theme is fun and well done. The Creepers attaching to the Keepers is different from the other Fluxx games we’ve played. (Mechanical Keepers can malfunction, anything with an organic brain can get a brain parasite, and everything can be evil!) The actions are interesting and the surprises are good.

Overall, it’s fun, funny, and you have a little more power over this game than the average Fluxx game.

My family has played it more times than I can count.

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“Best of the best for a short card game!”

This is THE game we use to either start or end the night. It is so easy to learn and can change at the drop of a hat (or more likely a card). We use it to limber up before our more serious BSG game and it only takes about 10-20 minutes.

You start with 3 cards and then draw a card and play a card – simple enough. BUT, every card you play changes the rules. Could be a subtle change, could be a huge one!! This type of randomness may sound boring to some and the changing rules may sound complex, but just try it, the game is innocuous enough to entice so let it!!


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