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Red November

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Me and my gaming group like cooperative games. We’ve played Arkham Horror inside out and I went looking for a new game. FFG’s Red November caught my attention and I went along with it. You could call it an impulse purchase.

I had my doubts whether my gaming group would like it after mastering Arkham Horror, it being a lot more complex and challenging in nature. However, Red November turned out to be a success among us due to its relatively quick gameplay and humorous atmosphere. The humour, which derives itself from submarine’s chaotic events and drunken gnomes, is a game winner for me. I’ve played good ten games of Red November now and it still often gets a second round during evening.

Heartily recommended for gnome fans, grog drinkers, chaos lovers, and people who are in need of a nice and quick filler game and who don’t mind dying awfully in a fire / high water / tentacles of the Kraken / other suitably graphic fashion.

And remember,
Grog and gnomes don’t mix too well!

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