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“Keep moving”

When you play as ISN , your best strategy is to keep moving your ships around .
Wraiths have heavy weapons but the range is somewhat limited , I found that if you move around a lot you can mostly run and gun them , there are also quite a few tactic cards that make your shipsmove after the attack phase which you should take advantage of.

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“Carry as many smaller ships as possible on your big ship.”

Hands down, the best way to get your smaller ships (medium and small) into action is load them up in your big “carrier” or “capital” ship. A lot of objectives have a some distance to cross. Better to carry everyone to battle.

However, make sure you get them all deployed before the big ship is in danger of being taken out or you lose everything.

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use the best ship when you can

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“what i do ”

i would rather have many of a weaker version of ships than few of a stronger versions

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