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Go to the Risk: Legacy page

Risk: Legacy

60 out of 132 gamers thought this was helpful

I love the customization aspect of Risk Legacy. It does suffer from a “rich get richer” aspect as players that win the game get increasing advantages. After 15 games the customization stops, which could be a big downfall.

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Ticket to Ride

26 out of 102 gamers thought this was helpful

Fun and challenging game to play with friends. Two player games are not so exciting though.

Go to the Quarriors! Rise of the Demons page
67 out of 91 gamers thought this was helpful

First off, I love all the dice… that being said, the game play is very fun and easy to learn. Replay value does diminish after many games as choices often become familiar. I recommend using the variant rule allowing the selection of two dice from the wilds every turn.

Go to the Mage Knight Board Game page
56 out of 140 gamers thought this was helpful

Mage Knight is very fun once all of the million components are set up. Learning the game takes time and beginning hands may be too limited. I suggest starting the game with variant rules that give you advanced cards.

Go to the Carcassonne page


49 out of 119 gamers thought this was helpful

Fun game, but can become repetitive, especially with two players. Expansions bring variety, but perhaps not enough to warrant purchase.

Go to the Dungeons & Dragons: Lords of Waterdeep page
48 out of 94 gamers thought this was helpful

Great game for a quick play session. From setup to finish a two-player game takes just over an hour.

Gameplay is simple, involving worker (“agent”) placement across the city of Waterdeep. Your agents recruit sdventurers to your cause, allowing you to complete quests and gain glory.

Multiple quest types (5) and random building selection make every game different and interesting. Those games where you and an opponent share ideal quest types are QUITE interesting.

Overall I highly recommend this odd Euro D&D to all types of gamers. Avid gamers will love the strategic depth and casual gamers will love the quick and easy gameplay.

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