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Battles of Westeros

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Unfurl the banners of the Great Houses of Westeros! To secure power in the Seven Kingdoms and to ensure the survival of their lines, the Houses of Westeros each follow very different paths. Some forge strategic alliances, some create complex political intrigues, and still others use deceit and betrayal. But there is no more direct or lasting path to power than taking to the field of battle.

In Battles of Westeros, two players recreate the military conflicts set in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, taking part in battles directly from the books... or designing their own. In this epic board game of battlefield tactics, players control either House Stark, the wards of Winterfell who have called their hearty allies to defend their honor and lands, or House Lannister, an aggressive force funded by Casterly Rock’s endless supply of gold.

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Went to Gen Con 2012
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“Great fun, highly replayable, and a stellar theme / setting”

This is one of my favorites right now, and not only because I’m a fan of all things that are A Song of Ice and Fire. No surprises when it comes to the rules: like many FFG publications, the rulebook is not amongst the best written, and you have to consult forums, FAQs and even (a great) fan-compiled rewrite (available on Boardgamegeek), but once you’ve gotten past this patch of molasses and grasped the basic workings of the game (with or without house rules), the possibilities really open up. What you find is another that is easier to learn than it is to master; the game shines when you start to understand the importance of tactics and strategy, as well as working within the parameters of probability. The dice and card factor might introduce too much randomness for some players, but for others it will seem an interesting reflection of some of the unpredictability that comes with fielding an army, especially in the absence of radio communication. It’s an innovative reworking of the still recognizable BattleLore mechanics; it’s difficult to classify it as “better” or “worse,” and probably best to say “different” but “good.”

The game comes with plenty of pre-fab scenarios…at first ten might not sound like much, but I cannot emphasize enough the high replay value of each scenario. I have played the first one (which is the most rudimentary of all of them) three or four times, and each time unfolded and had an outcome that was radically different from the previous ones. Part of this is due, yes, to the magical randomness, but I think most of it arises out of the action/reaction factor; your strategy will be heavily affected by your opponents. Understanding your units’ strengths and weakness, your leaders’ abilities, and the role of chance and probability, and then applying that knowledge tactically to maximize and capitalize, these are all key, and when it starts to click you really get into what you are doing. The pre-fab scenarios also introduce all sorts of unique rules and situations, giving a glimpse of the nearly endless customization options. Victory does not necessarily have to come through the elimination of all of your opponent’s units; maybe it’s about holding territory for a certain amount of time, or accumulating a certain number of victory points, or whatever. And if scenarios aren’t your thing, the randomly generated Skirmish option allows for even more replayability.

Out of the box you have plenty of content, but throw in the expansions and you will have enough to make this game last a loooooong time. And with the soon to arrive Baratheon army exapansion, which will introduce rules, space and units to support up to eight (yes, 8) players in epic scale battles, well, let’s just say I’m drooling already.

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“A bit difficult at first but worth playing”

Well, it does take a while to setup everything and even more to learn all the rules (and then be prepared for looking for them again and again during first couple of rules). Be sure to check latest FAQ and rules errata on ffg webpage.

But once you get “fluent” with all the rules – there is just so much into this game. Different scenarios with various (sometimes very complex and tricky) goals for each player. High replay value – each time you will try new strategies. The only drawback is the random factor during fights. Sometime you will rage hard when your meticulous plan will fail due to bad rolls.

But the game is fun. And beautiful too. Almost 140 figures on battlefield is quite a sight I tell you.

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I'm Completely Obsessed
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“well this game killed my fav game so...”

i dont like this game… too complicated for the what it is… anyone that knows command and colors knows this is the most complex one in the bunch… fantasy flights killed battlelore for this game and to be honest with you… this game isn’t too much fun… too complex… takes forever to setup


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