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“The Marbrand Marauder Gambit”

If you are playing as Lannister, every strategy should center around the proper use of Adam Marbrand in any applicable mission. Like other heroes in the game, there are two “variants” of Marbrand.
His abilities to ignore rough terrain, or to be considered a flank attack, mean that enemies are always vulnerable to his wrath. So if you’re sending in your cavalry, be sure to lead with Marbrand’s flanked attack, and then have your other mounted units surround for the attack, launching several flanked attacks and leaving the enemy vulnerable and dead.
Marbrand should always be your big “objective seizing” hero– but if your opponent gets wise to his threat, he makes an excellent harass while the rest of your army takes care of business. I believe a part of his advantage is he’s a minor character in the books, and nonexistent in the shows, yet is the most powerful, ultra-mobile force in the base game.

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“Make a List of Terms ”

When you have all the expansions some of the terms can become daunting at first and remembering them all is almost impossible. So my (@Chris Vander Linden) is working on his own list of Unit specific traits and terms then he plans on laminating it and making copies so each person can check out quickly what the unit does, such as what Run Down or Polearm with without having to remember what book its from.

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“useful links”

Battles of Westeros Review – with Tom Vasel

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