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Tips & Strategies (4)

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“Easy play”

There are many ways to win. Try to have at least two houses, being the first or second in importance. Don’t focus only in robbery. Buy in the start power cards (chose one style and keep buyng) and don’t forget to buy the rumors. They can turn the game.

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“Playing with kids”

When I first started to play this game with my son I left out the cards and rules dealing with Envoys and Rumors. This left the game easier to digest for a young mind who simply wanted to play as a ninja infiltrating/attacking a house for loot. At the end of the game we would count our individual treasure tokens to determine the winner. For gold Treasure Tokens we ruled that they simply mimic the highest treasure value in your pile. You always have the option of adding Envoy and Rumor rules later if you want to add more complexity to future games.

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“Sensei on the first turn”

Depending on the skill tiles and the cards in your hand, going for the Sensei/Dojo during your first turn and possibly second turn will set you for an easier time in subsequent turn. This is from experience, so YMMV.

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“go for the rumors”

i found that people never go for any rumors but i will tell you that rumors are where the points are …

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