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Exodus: Proxima Centauri - Board Game Box Shot

Exodus: Proxima Centauri

| Published: 2013
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Inspired by Stanisław Lem’s “The Magellanic Cloud”, Exodus: Proxima Centauri is the first game of a sci-fi trilogy. In a new universe, marked by a fierce struggle for power, the humanity is building a new civilization on the ashes of a dying race, the Centaurians. Exodus: Proxima Centauri is a full civilization game for experienced players, who enjoy immersing themselves in a new universe and fight for supremacy in a flavored, thematic game.

Exodus game in play
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After a devastating nuclear war, six human factions are seeking shelter in the Centauri system. On the verge of extinction, the humans are saved by a superior civilization, allegedly the Centaurians, and each faction is given a fresh start on a new planet. Thus the exodus of humanity seems to have ended on the planets orbiting the star called Proxima Centauri. When the Centaurians announce their departure, the struggle for power commences once again.

In Exodus: Proxima Centauri, the six factions fight for dominance in an epic empire-building game, striving to build a new human empire on the ashes of the Centaurian civilization. Each player will build his own space fleet of customized ships and conquer new planets, fight the Centaurian Resistance and the other players, negotiate and vote for political decisions, research Centaurian technologies, and much more.

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Sentinels of the Multiverse fan
Military Service
96 of 114 gamers found this helpful
“Stratches the Twilight Impiruim itch.”

I enjoy playing Twilight Imperium (TI3), but there are times that the game is as exciting as watching paint dry (thanks Frank). I was first intruded to the game via the Dice Tower review on YouTube. I bought the Revised Edition and then gathered my friends who love playing Twilight Imperium, we managed to play 3 games, on three different days, in less time than (TI3).

The Revised edition has better components than the original edition. The player boards are made out of a heavy card stock which is a big improvement flimsy heavy paper that was in the original. The game play moves at a good pace and as long as the players do a little preplanning. The game lasts seven turns with the highest victory points being the winner.

Unlike TI3 the game can be played with 3, 4 or 5 players and not have the effect of one player feeling he/she is being on the short end of the stick. Exodus has lees of the Diplomacy feel and encourages more direct combat. Players can make a plan, stick with it and can be successful.

My complaints about the game is the fiddleyness of keeping track of technologies and resources management. Also the action cards could be marked in a better way to indicate the primary action and the reaction. We had a few confusions as to wich wat to orient the action cards.

Overall, the game is fun and enjoyable and can be played in less time that TI3.

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87 of 125 gamers found this helpful
“It is a fun game-I would like to play it again”

This was a fun game to play, we played with 3 players if there were more it would have been chaos(that is not exactly a bad thing). The components are a little flimsy, and the game play can be fiddly, but overall it was fun. There are multiple roads to victory, but they will all end(or start) in direct conflict. It seems as if some play testing was skipped or ignored in favor of trying to keep production costs to a minimum. The game could use more ship cards or a better way of tracking damage to individual ships and also to indicate how many civilian population you are carrying on each individual ship. I was not entirely pleased with the Chancellor not being able to break ties in his own favor. Even though that was a rather amusing thing to watch happen to other players.

Overall it was a pleasurable experience but I can only rate it a 7 because of the cut corners.

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Intermediate Grader
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“Tastes great, Less filling”

This is the prefect game for when you want to play an epic game that takes all day, but don’t want to take all day.

So it ends up being diet Twilight Imperium.

It has 4x and is in 3d so it must be 2 good to be true.

I had to play this at meetup game night because my cousin is a die hard TI3 guy and says its never gonna hit his table.

My favorite part of this game is attacking an opponent and yelling “Its time to bring the pain!”


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