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20 out of 63 gamers thought this was helpful

I played this over the summer after a cookout at my cousin’s. How cool was it that Ben Franklin and Hamilton and those guys signed the constitution in the Summer. Cookouts rock! And they would be a lot less fun in February. Mad props to my funding fathers from other mothers for setting up all the parties! Thx bruh!

So this game starts out as cavemen (unga bunga) and you get stuff and you get better and then youre living large with bigger guns and fast food and video games and stuff.

I liked it. it looked like it was gonna be a silly europe game, but when i play im ‘Murica. USA USA USA USA!!!!

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13 out of 23 gamers thought this was helpful

This is the prefect game for when you want to play an epic game that takes all day, but don’t want to take all day.

So it ends up being diet Twilight Imperium.

It has 4x and is in 3d so it must be 2 good to be true.

I had to play this at meetup game night because my cousin is a die hard TI3 guy and says its never gonna hit his table.

My favorite part of this game is attacking an opponent and yelling “Its time to bring the pain!”

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7 out of 24 gamers thought this was helpful

Cowboys, zombies and carnival people! And they fight using poker cards! This game is sweet!

My cousin (he says stop telling people, im his cousin, doesnt want them to know were from the same jean pool) got this game to try out and maybe paint. so he called me over and we figured it out. It wasnt too hard to play and flipping cards to shoot dudes was cool.

We made battle ground obstacles our of tissue boxes and soda cans. that worked good until i got thirsty and started drinking from one of the trees.

My only complaint is this could use a dark elf group so u know who (DRIZZZT) could show up…

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15 out of 37 gamers thought this was helpful

A couple of months ago, my cousin Jesse, sent me a text telling me he got this game from Reindeer Kwaanza. I had no idea what that meant, but he seemed to think it was important, so i drove over to his house after i finished my laundry and we talked about girls for awhile.

Then he showed me this game. At first i was like “oh no, I’m not playing a game about Mid-earth. Their elves are wimpy.” Everybody knows The entire fantasy genre that we know and love today is because of Forgotten Realms, so i don’t know why all these other worlds even bother trying.

Anyway he showed me how to move the hidden guys around and play. I was the dark side and i just pretended that i was controlling a cavern full of avenging Drow and that theme really clicked for me.

So if you can get over the weak theme, give this a shot. we are going to play next weekend when we have a cook out for our mom’s.

Happy Reindeer Kwaaanza!

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Lords of Vegas

21 out of 38 gamers thought this was helpful

Well, nobody did a review for this while it was explorable, so I’ll take a shot.

I like this game. My cousin learned it from his brother-in-law who is from Vegas. He showed me how to play and we both played it a lot. There is risk taking and it feels very Vegasy. Play this if you get a chance (see what i did there?), you will have fun like we did.

Good: Vegas baby!

Bad: No Drizzt. 🙁

Ugly: it really needs some Drizzt. Can we get a Forgotten Realms expansion for this? Please Mayfair? Pretty please.

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