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Ca$h ‘n Guns (Second Edition) - Board Game Box Shot

Ca$h ‘n Guns (Second Edition)

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The big heist may have been a success, but it all goes wrong when every crook wants a bigger cut. With this much money on the table, bullets speak louder than words!

Cash 'n Guns gameplay

In Ca$h ‘n Guns, players will point foam pistols at each other and try to intimidate their opponents into letting them have the largest share. The bravest crooks enjoy the most money – but only if they live long enough to spend it!

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“Holy communion of Wiseguys”

I make you an offer you can’t refuse. Give me all the loot or I’ll shoot you. This being the core idea of Ca$h ‘n Guns and rules being simple as it gets. Promising fun and laughter for every member of famiglia. Just don’t Cosa Nostra it, but share or if you will, expand the Family.

For Godfather! I mean “Aim at Godfather!” (Summary)
Each player pick their avatar of cartoony Mafioso, special role card (optional) and foam core gun plus the ammo. Loots are divided in stacks of 8 cards and first 8 are laid on table as loot of the round.

One player is picked as Godfather who leads the game through the round(s). First players pick a bullet which can be either click or bang. Click doesn’t harm others and is purely for bluffing. Bang is opposite, but there is only three of those in your hand. Then comes the Mexican standoff phase, where everybody pull their guns at somebody. This point Godfather can tell one player to change their target, but not at whom. Then he/she counts to three and those who want to chicken drop their gun.

Finally the bullet are checked on those who didn’t chicken out, if somebody gets bang they are out of round and get wound token. Three of these and you’re out of the game. Those who remain share the loot, which varies from money, diamonds, art, medkits and ammo to who is the new Godfather with privileges it comes with.

Game goes on this fashion until all but one is dead or there aren’t any loot left. At end the points are counted and victorious party announced followed either by Marlon Brando or Al Pacino impression.
Games are fast and it is a game that begs another go and another after that.

This be Betty, she be my doll. She likes 9mm hollow-points (Components)
Art on the cards, avatars and tokens are cartoony and paints a picture of something fun and relaxed rather than gruesome that it could be in reality. I think this is great idea for it makes it more easily approachable for players of all ages. I have played this with my kids and it didn’t feel least bit wrong, no more than running around house or yard shouting bang bang.

Guns are sturdy and fun to handle, they’re made out so that its obvious that they aren’t real. It is fun to notice somebody placing the gun in imaginary shoulder holster with dubious look on face, always sparks laughter. Have even seen people doing ankle holster and Die Hard impression, your imagination is the limit on this.

On a last note I really like the wound markers that are two crossed band-aids.

What do we do, Boss? (Learning curve)
There isn’t anything complex in the game. Kids and elderly can learn it and every round player who is the Godfather will lead the game rounds through their respective order. On addition there is the Godfathers desk where is written the round order for a reminder to Godfather. Not that there is much to remember.

I am made man, I brought myself on the top (Conclusion)
It is really fun party game and it certainly makes people laugh. I can understand some having reservations that come to this theme and guns in general. All I can say is that I am sorry you’re missing out on the fun. I doubt that this game ever turned anybody in to a Mafioso or criminal. It is easy going fun for bigger groups and really does need the minimum of 5 players to be good. That and it starting to repeat itself very fast being the only downsides. You get good 2-4 games out on one evening with people enjoying themselves without accusations, like The Resistance does. If you like the idea, but don’t like being accused, this is the replacement for you.

It is great in-between game after heavier games, it unwinds the people and gets them prepped for something bigger again. I find it inferior to The Resistance, but it is still different enough to bring on table in same evening and have fun.

If you like easy going and fast games or need an ice-breaker this your deal right here. I personally recommend it as in-between game.

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87 of 95 gamers found this helpful
“Great game!”

I bought this game 2 weeks ago, and already it has seen 6 plays at 2 separate game days. It’s a huge success!

The theme of the game is just a little bit problematic for a pure family game, because you’re using foam guns, and you will point these guns at your fellow players. If parents have no problem with that, then this is otherwise a great family game, if you don’t mind the theme of being gangsters splitting loot. 🙂

The game lasts 8 rounds, and in each round, there are 8 pieces of loot to take. Each round, each player loads their gun (they have 8 bullet cards, 3 BANGs and 5 CLICKs). Then, the godfather (or godmother) will call out a countdown, and everyone will aim their gun at someone. The godfather/mother may tell someone to redirect their aim. Then there’s the “courage” phase, where everyone decides to stay in the round or not. Everyone who gets out of the round knocks their standee over, and places their bullet (face-down) in the center. Once everyone has decided whether or not they are getting out, everyone with and invalid target places their bullet in the center, and those WITH a valid target flip it over. Those with a BANG will give the target a wound (3 and you’re out). Not only that, the target is out of the round. Those still standing will split up the loot. The godfather/mother gets first pick of the 8 loot cards and the godfather’s desk. (the one who takes the desk becomes the godfather for the next round.) It goes around the table, dividing the loot until all the loot has been taken.

Then the next round starts! The game lasts 8 rounds, and whoever has the most value of loot wins.

Apparently, the 1st edition only had cash for loot. In this version, there are 4 different types of loot. The prominent one, is, of course, cash. The next category of loot is paintings. At the end of the game, you get a value for the entire collection, and the more paintings you have, the more value it is. Then there are diamonds. The value of the diamond loot cards are less than the cash cards, BUT – whoever has collected the most diamonds at the end of the game gets a $60,000 diamond bonus. There are also 2 first aid kits, which allow the person who takes it to heal 2 wounds. The person who takes the clip gets to exchange a ‘click’ in their hand with a ‘bang’ from the center (used bullets).

This game is A LOT of fun! Just getting into the theme of the game, and forcing a player to get out is a lot of fun! The banter around the table just before getting ready to aim is great, too. Psychology definitely plays a role, too. Because you don’t know whether or not that kid whose pointing his gun at you is bluffing or not. Highly recommended!

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“Been spending most their lives, living in the gangsta's paradise”

This is a group favorite, one that hits the table whenever that player count is 6-8 and we are looking for lighter fare.
The game has some deduction and strategy, but is light enough for casual players and n00bs, or gamers with a few drinks in them.

Players assume the roles of criminals after a heist, each with a special ability, a gun, and a limited number of bullets.

Over the course of 8 rounds each player tries to bluff or kill off the others in order to get the most of the ill gotten gains. One assumes the role of the Boss controlling the flow of play, but the title can be taken.

Loot is set out on the table, players choose a Bang or Click card then draw on each other – choosing a single target. Each player facing down the barrel of a gun has a choice:
A) Duck out, not risk getting shot but not getting any loot
B) Stay in, hoping their opponents are bluffing

Then cards are revealed, resolving the shoot out for the remaining members:
Click – gun doesn’t go off, player remains
Bang – player is shot, takes a wound and is eliminated from the loot round. The third wound eliminates them from the game.

Remaining players take turns choose from the loot: different cash amounts, art, jewels, and even means to get more bullets or remove wounds. Art and Jewels have different bonuses for quantities.

After everything has been looted, surviving players try again.
Game play is fast and fun. Though it says 4-8, it is better as a 6-8 game. Components are excellent. The orange tipped guns, and cartoon artwork offset the darker realization that this is about murder and greed – but it is not really a kids toy.
We often play 2-3 games back to back as they are pretty fast once you know the rules.

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Let me start out by saying Cash N’ Guns is one of my favorite party games. It easily accomodates 8 people, which not a lot of games do, and is definitely better with more people. Also, you get to wave foam guns around. How could it not be fun.

In Cash N’ Guns the premise is that everyone is a thief and have now come back to the hideout to claim what is theirs from the big heist. But everyone knows you can’t trust a thief, so now you must bluff, intimidate, and flat out stab everyone in the back to get the most loot.

The gameplay is very simple, and can be taught in minutes. At the beginning of the round 8 loot cards are placed in the center of the table. Then, everyone chooses whether they want to play a click or a bang. A bang card essentially knocks someone out of the round leaving more loot for yourself, but you only have 3 bang cards to play throughout the games 8 rounds so use them sparingly. If you want to bluff you play a click card. After choosing between the two, everyone places their cards face down in front of them. Then, on the count of 3, you draw your gun and point at who you would like to shoot…or click. After asessing how many guns are pointed at your face, you may choose to bow out for the round. This means you can’t be shot but you also aren’t able to grab any of the precious loot. After it is determined who’s been shot and who’s laying low for the round, those still in divide the loot among themselves. This ends the round and continues for 8 rounds total. The person with the most valuable loot at the end wins the game.

This game is great fun and very light. The foam guns adds extra excitment and a lot of tension is built up when you actually have one pointed at your face. One twist in the game is if you are the godfather in any given round, you may tell any one person to point their gun at someone else.

All around, an excellent bluffing game. Silly, quick, loud and fun.

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86 of 97 gamers found this helpful
“Great with more players”

Now you can re-create the famous mexican standoff in Reservoir Dogs. If you haven’t seen the movie, that’s ok. All you gotta know is that you are splitting up the loot after a big heist but you don’t entirely trust everyone so suddenly you raise all your guns up pointing at someone while they have their guns pointed at another person (possibly you). And then you have to ask yourself, do you want to keep your gun raised because you think they aren’t going to shoot you or are you going to put your gun down and lose the opportunity to be a part of the loot collection?

I absolutely love this game. I would play it as often as possible if I have enough people. You need a minimum of 4 people to play and up to 8 players. But I don’t see you couldn’t add more if you have enough components. But anyways, I’ve played with 7 players and it is so much fun because the best part is when all the guns are being pointed at each other and then its also fun when you find out that they were just bluffing the whole time.

While this game relies a lot on the bluffing mechanics, it is what I would call a game that is totally balanced because the godfather mechanic. Even though you might be missing out on a lot of cash, you be the godfather and that will give you more powers. Or if you find guns are pointing at you a lot, then let the other people point their guns at each other and let them take the hits and then you can join in later on to collect the riches afterwards.

Even though this game has 8 steps and you will repeat those 8 steps through the 8 rounds, it still is a very fast paced game.

This is a fantastic party game and everyone playing will be laughing when those guns are being pointed around.

I’m looking forward to trying a modified version of it where 1 player can hold 2 guns. That will be interesting.


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