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Cosmic Encounter: Cosmic Conflict - Board Game Box Shot

Cosmic Encounter: Cosmic Conflict

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The galaxy was stretched out before you, and the vastness of space was yours to conquer. But other races sought to fill the cosmos with their colonies, and they used their strange and dangerous powers to aid them. Nevertheless, you ventured into the cold wastes to do battle. Now, turmoil has spread, and a new group of aliens hope to take advantage of it. How will these rulers attempt to seize power? Which will become your allies, and which your mortal foes? Who will survive this cosmic conflict? Only time will tell...

In Cosmic Conflict, the expansion for Cosmic Encounter, 20 new alien races explode onto the galaxy! Players will now shudder at the insidious kindness of the Empath, blink in confusion at the antics of the Lunatic, and howl in outrage as their planets are stolen away by the Claw!

Cosmic Conflict also makes the Cosmos even bigger, adding another player (and attractive black components) to the game. Cosmic Quakes will shake things up, ensuring that no player’s hand is truly safe. And as if that wasn’t enough, Cosmic Conflict introduces a new variant to the game – the hazard deck, which confronts the players with dangerous and amusing events that can crop up at any time!

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“More is not a bad thing”

As this is an expansion, this review will be shorter than my normal ones. For good reason too! There is not much to say here. What does buying this get you?

1. An extra player, this is good, as an extra person means more players in the fun, it is slightly bad though, as an extra player can drag out rounds.

2. More Cards more play variety and options in-game.

3. More Aliens means more variety, some are not great but 25 extra means there was bound to be a bit of miss in the hit and miss ratings. But I feel that the more aliens, the merrier as this is a game about chaos and more variety adds to the chaotic nature of the game.

4. Lastly is the hazard deck. This is the component that my group and I feel makes the expansion worthwhile. This is a deck where random events happen depending on if the destiny card drawn has a symbol. It might mean that players have to play low value cards for the next round, or any ships that are supposed to go to the warp go out of the game instead etc.

This part of the expansion is worth it as it freshens up rounds and can only show up on one of the three colored cards for each player in the destiny deck. On average it activates every 3 to 4 turns and keeps everything interesting while not wearing out it’s welcome.

This expansion is worth buying as I believe all of them probably are to add the aliens to the deck but the hazard deck is a bonus that makes it one of the earlier expansions you should buy.

Replay Value – One of Cosmic Encounters biggest strengths and this adds to the re playability.

Components – Same card stock. nothing to report except you get nice shiny black ships, woooooo.

Easy to Learn – Hazard deck is easy to understand and the aliens are rated in how easy they are to use or complicated. No problems here.


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