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Mage Knight Board Game: The Lost Legion - Board Game Box Shot

Mage Knight Board Game: The Lost Legion

, | Published: 2013
Expansion for Mage Knight Board Game
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Stories about General Volkare and his Lost Legion are whispered amongst the Atlanteans – some in hope, all with at least a sliver of fear. Now with word of what appears to be Volkare and his Lost Legion reappearing and yet another new Mage Knight to contend with, the scattered forces across the land are deciding which side is likely to be victorious. Are the Mage Knights the lesser of evils, or is Volkare the true savior they have been waiting for?

Continuing the saga of the worldwide acclaimed hit Mage Knight Board Game, designer Vlaada Chvatil and WizKids present Mage Knight Board Game: The Lost Legion, an expansion that offers players a new Mage Knight — Wolfhawk — and also adds a new foe for the Mage Knights: the mysterious and powerful General Volkare! Included in the expansion set are new location tiles, enemy/ruin tokens, Unit cards, Advanced Action cards, Artifact cards, Spell cards and a rulebook expansion that features new game scenarios and rules to support play for five players.

Whether you and your fellow Mage Knights decide to work together or at cross purposes this expansion supports new play styles and tactics and a new foe that can challenge even the most veteran players.

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“An amazing game expands into something beyond perfection!”

The base game of Mage Knight board game, is already an amazing game. It offers the player vast number of in game choices, puzzle solving, strategic planning, and an immersive fantasy theme which compounds to a unique and great board game experience.

The Lost Legion, is the first expansion set to Mage Knight. This expansion set introduces a lot of new features into the base game, without over complicating the existing mechanic of the game, while at the same time, introduces enough new features to add more variety to the base game.

Here are the new features:

1) The introduction of general Volkare, an intimidating antagonist. Two additional scenarios are also introduced revolving around Volkare, he is a very tough boss, but if you mange to defeat him and beat the game, it is a very satisfying experience. These 2 scenarios are fantastic, and absolutely epic! In one the scenarios general Volkare will race against the players to conquer the city, and he also can also attack players while he is moving. All in all, General Volkare as a boss, is a brilliant addition to the game.

2) The introduction of a new hero, Wolfhawk. She is a very nice addition to the game, with some very interesting skills.

3) New tile maps, with new locations such as walls, new mines, camps etc.. adding more variety to the map.

4) New monsters. This expansion introduces some really challenging monsters. For example, there is now an assassination ability, where the damages cannot be assigned to the units. And the arcane immunity ability, creatures with this immunity cannot be damaged by spells. It is really difficult to defeat some of these new monsters without taking wounds. But they surely added a lot of excitements and fun to the game.

5) New hero cards: Each hero (including the base game heroes) now have another new hero card unique to them. This means the heroes are now start the game slightly stronger. Not only are skills in these new cards very interesting, but these new skills are also very useful, without been overpowering. Another thing is, these cards make the heroes feel even more unique and distinctive from each other.

6) New action cards, new artifact cards, new spells, and new units. Some of the cards from the base game are replaced, which improve the balance of the game play. The new cards add some very exciting abilities and in game effects. (and some of these new artifacts are really cool!)

The quality of components in this expansion is very high. Volkare has his own miniature, with level adjustment at the base like a city. This miniature is slightly bigger than hero miniatures, and highly detailed. Wolfhawk has her own miniature as well, I really like the miniature of Wolfhawk, it is highly detailed, and very well painted. Overall, components in this expansion is beautiful to look at, just like the base game.

All in all, it if definitely worth your while to acquire this expansion, especially if you already like the base game. The scenarios against general Volkare are epic, challenging and super fun. The new hero is super exciting in game play. The new cards, monsters and tiles added interesting variety to the game. And finally, the components are beautiful with high production value. Indeed, the lost legion makes Mage Knight a beyond perfect board gaming experience!

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“5 player Mage Knight”

You’ve played Mage Knight up to 4 player by now – this expansion gives you a 5th player.
I’d recommend less than 5 players (3-4 players) in Mage Knight because this will make your game even slower – 4 other players making you contribute less to the making of the campaign. But if you like more players this is great! In addition you will get a quite different character consept to try out.
Wolfhawk is a solo character that will boost your combat prowess hunting with less npc’s in your entourage and add a quite different playstyle to the game.
As of General Volkare (your enemy in this scenario) you will meet a lot of resistance and interesting takes on the game.
I use the expansion without Volkare but with the other content (Wolfhawk and tiles) and it’s a really good adition and makes the game (both competative and coop) a step futher into the realms of Mage Knight fantasy.

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“Volkare, you beast!”

This might be an exclamation made by a Mage Knight who rudely enters a Monastery or Village, late in a session of The Lost Legion:

Greetings fellow Atlanteans! Sorry to interrupt Beardly the Bard’s latest top ten hit, but there’s this huge, helmeted guy carrying his own banner and serated sword the size of a hinder cat. His name is Volkare and he’s heading this way! Feel free to panic. Some say he was a general and was once a Mage Knight himself. But he’s been gone for quite some time and looks pretty vengeful. I’d say by the looks of his posse…um…Legion of ornery goblins, minotaurs, dragons and wizards that they’re more geared towards kicking cuirass and taking guild associations later.

Now, my name is Tovak. Yes, I am a Mage Knight. Fear not though, I have a +2 reputation, and if I play my cards right- 8 influence points to recruit a few of you thirsting for adventure more so than the watered down mead in this place. So whose up for helping me take on the 7 foot dude with the 7 foot sword and his minions? I can promise you a wealth of fame points…should we live, that is. What say you?!

Okay, so maybe that’s what I would say aloud to my son as I played Tovak and witnessed the steady and deadly encroachment of Volkare and his Lost Legion upon the portal. Can you tell I like to have a little fun with this game?

The size of his legion can change by turning a dial on the base of his figurine. I love this feature to the game. Adjusting the strength of Volkare’s legion as well as the four cities that come with the base set provides an incredible amount of replay value.

Volkare creates a great focus for the Mage Knight adventures whether it’s solo, cooperative, or includes PvP. I could see (or hope) the designers would consider adding adjustable base dials to special caves/dungeons, castles, New enemies and/or other mystical lands.

Volkare and his legion are a beast to defeat. Such a challenge and the replay value makes Mage Knight one of my most played games. I’d bring my initial 8 to a 9 or even 9.5 if I could.

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“Must buy for solitaire & co-op play”

If you played Mage Knight mainly as a solitaire or co-op game, you need to get this. It gets rid of the dummy player limiting you to a certain number of turns per round, and really ups the immersion/theme with the addition of general Volkare. You can take as long as you want each round now, though if you go too slowly, the game’s going to get really hard for you. It also adds co-op skills, co-op defenses, and the new scenarios are all for solitaire or co-op play. If you played the original game competitively, this still might be worth picking up for the new basic action card for each character, the new character, Wolfhawk, new Advanced Actions, Spells, Artifacts, Units, and Enemies, plus some re-balanced cards and tokens. My only gripe is the colors on the cards and tokens are off by just enough that you can tell the difference between the ones that came in the original and here. It’s got plenty of complexity and nuanced rules, but you should be used to that if you’ve already played Mage Knight.


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