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Legendary: The Fantastic Four Expansion - Board Game Box Shot

Legendary: The Fantastic Four Expansion

| Published: 2013
Expansion for Legendary
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Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game has just become Fantastic! The Legendary: Fantastic Four expansion introduces Marvel's first family to the world of Legendary. Now you can play as fan-favorite Heroes: Thing, Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and Silver Surfer. Fend off the new evil Schemes of Masterminds like the world-devouring Galactus and the ever-elusive Mole Man!

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“Must-have expansion for Legendary!”

This expansion is definitely the best of the two released so far. The five new heroes (Fantastic 4 + Silver Surfer) are all very well done, and exciting to play. They also have a unique new mechanic called focus. The focus mechanic allows you to spend recruit points to do different actions rather than recruit (such as fighting, or rescuing bystanders, or K.O. cards). This changes up the late game by quite a bit, as you no longer want to thin down your recruit cards once you have the heroes you want in-hand.

Some of the new characters also create very good synergy with existing heroes from the base game. The Invisible Woman for example has a rescue bystander action that works well with Black Widow.

As for the new mastermind, MoleMan is a pretty average villan, not too hard to beat with a decent team, but Galactus is quite brutal. He has a special attack that destroys the city itself, and can cause you to lose the game regardless of the scheme. This cranks up the difficulty level of beating him by quite a bit.

The new schemes are pretty good, none of them stood out as being really game-changing to me, but they are all fun and add to the diversity of the game.

One thing I thought was very good about this expansion though, was that it stood on it’s own as a great game. You could play as the five included heroes, pick the mastermind and villans from the expansion, and play the game with just the board and base components from the base game (starting decks, Maria Hill, etc). You still need the base game to play, but you don’t need much else from it. This was thematically fun, as you could play as the Fantastic Four vs Galactus, and re-create the movie. I highly recommend you try just the expansion for your first few games, just to try out the new mechanics, and get a feel for the new heroes. Beating Galactus with the included heroes is very difficult, and I highly recommend it as a challenge.

New heroes have great synergy with existing heroes.
New schemes work well with base game.
Galactus is a great challenge for any team.
It plays well by itself, with only the base components from the original game.

Galactus will beat you repeatedly and you will cry.

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“Small expansion, Fantastic expansion”

Another expansion for the deckbuilding co-op game Legendary is one that features probably one of the best teams in the Marvel Universe: The Fantastic Four. Over a hundred cards are included in this small expansion but it’s enough not only to give you more heroes, but two more Masterminds and a few more schemes to make Legendary that much more of a game to have when it comes to expansions.

Being a small expansion, you have to go big when it comes to Legendary. 5 Heroes are introduced in this expansion: Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, The Thing and The Silver Surfer are the new heroes taking on The Mole Man but more importantly, Galactus in a showdown of epic sizes.

New additions to this expansion come with the ability to Focus recruit points now. What that means if, say you pulled a card that allows you to focus three recruit points. While you lose those three points, you gain back however many attack points you get from the card so it can be quite powerful (saying this because Galactus is a mighty 20 Attack Power).

Also, thanks to Galactus and his Villains, we now have a Cosmic Threat on their cards. You pick one of the symbols (strength, tech, etc.) and it will make them weaker, granted, it will take a lot to get Galactus down and with his Masterstrikes, it’s a game that could be challenging.

The Burrow ability is with The Mole Man Villains in which they could avoid an attack and move to the street section of the board (if there’s no villain there) and you have to attack them again.

This small expansion to Legendary is probably one of the best expansions next to Dark City. While it only offers 100 cards, you can’t go wrong with Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer trying to take down Galactus and this is one expansion everyone should get for their game.

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“An obvious buy for Legendary gamers”

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet, because I’m assuming if you’ve hit this page then you own Legendary, and given that truth there’s not a lot that needs to be said.

There are two new masterminds, Galactus and Moleman, and five new heroes, being the Fantastic Four (duh) and Silver Surfer. As a large Marvel Comics fan, this is the expansion I’ve been waiting for. Silver Surfer is in my top 5 superheroes of all time, and the Fantastic Four play like you’d expect.

The new keyword here is Focus, and it works well, and is also completely necessary. Legendary players know that getting over 20 attack power with the base and first expansion is doable, but Focus makes it much easier. Which is good, because Galactus needs to be defeated with 20 attack power.

It all boils down to this: Do you own Legendary? If yes, then this is an immediate buy. It’s a nice, small, inexpensive add-on to an already great game in your collection.


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