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“Sue Storm is a Knockout...”

Two abilities that I hold sacred in this game are being able to KO and rescuing Bystanders. Whether you are playing semi-cooperatively or in a solo league/challenge these powers should help you sail to the top. This expansion provides a hero with both of these abilities!

The Invisible Woman delivers great flexibility through Disappearing Act (KO) and Unseen Rescue (Bystanders). Not only do neither of these have any prerequisite to activate, but both feature Focus 2 which means you can activate them multiple times based on extra Recruit availability. Disappearing Act even provides its own Recruit making it one of the only self-contained KO cards in the game!

Next time you need a perfect hero to include in a competitive outing, don’t look past Invisible Woman.

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“Hero Synergy”

Two of the new heroes in this game create great synergy with other existing heroes.

The invisible woman works well with Black Widow, as she offers a new way to rescue bystanders adding to the bystander-based attacks of Black Widow.

The Human Torch works great with The Hulk, as he has a bunch of wound mechanics similar to the Hulk’s. He also balances out the Hulk, because he has cards that let you easily discard wounds that both characters tend to generate. This can keep the other players from getting clogged up with wounds when one player is using the Hulk heavily.

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