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DC Comics: Dice Masters Justice League - Board Game Box Shot

DC Comics: Dice Masters Justice League

| Published: 2015
Expansion for Dice Masters
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DC Comics Dice Masters: Justice League features fan favorites from a variety of Justice Leagues like Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Zatanna, Martian Manhunter, and MORE!

With game-play that supports two players in epic dice battles, DC Comics Dice Masters: Justice League will let players build their own version of the Justice League – or even the Legion of Doom!

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“The ultimate superhero battling/gaming experience ever!!”

Overview: Dice Masters: DC Justice League is a two player game where you build and control a team of superheroes and/or supervillains represented as dice. This makes it a dice building game very similar to the deck building games that are on the market now with dice instead of cards.

Introduction: Dice Masters has been around for a few years now. It all started with Quarriors. I just discovered it and got involved when the DC characters became available. There are other themes available like Marvel and D & D. There are organized Wizkids tournaments(OP) around at select game stores and conventions.

Gameplay: The object of the game is to reduce your opponents life down to zero. In a full game, tournament style, you start with a maximum of 20 life. To do this you need to build up a team of 8 characters/equipment cards. There are plenty to pick from to play in any number of styles. The cards range from common starters to super rare in collectible value. Each character and equipment cards have several different cards with different abilities to chose from. Then you need a few dice that match the cards you have chosen, up to a maximum of 20. You also need to pick out two basic action cards and add to your team. They will get dice as well. You also get 8 sidekick dice. These are what you will start the game with in your dice bag.

Now you are ready to play a game. First player takes 4 random sidekick dice out of their dice bag and rolls them. You get one reroll if you need to. Then you get to buy a die off of one of your cards. That and the dice you spent to buy the character die go to a used pile to be used at a later time. Then a battle can begin against your opponent if you have any characters fielded. You simply match attack values on the dice to the defense values on opponents characters assigned to block the attack. That is the general idea. If any attackers get through unblocked, you get to reduce your opponents life by the attack values.

So after several turns you now have some character dice and maybe an action die or two in your dice bag along with the sidekick dice. The character dice have 3 sides that produce energy and 3 sides that produce the character that can be fielded for a battle. So now you can play powerful characters to battle or defend with. The sidekick dice have five energy sides and one character side. The energy is what is used to buy dice with.

This games comes with plenty of strategy. From choosing a team that works well together and the right amount of dice, to being able to counter your opponents plans to whether you want to play offensively or defensively. Every turn, do you want to attack or wait to be attacked!

-This is for gamers who love to collect all of a set.
-Games are short, less that one hour.
-The custom dice are amazing!
-The artwork is mostly amazing.
-This game is 100% replayable all day long.

-This may not be for gamers who love to collect all of a set. It will get expensive, even though booster packs of 2 cards with a matching die retail for 99 cents.
-I think there is a bit of a learning curve. The rules are not as clear as they could be. I watched a lot of videos after reading the rules several times.
-Storage can become an issue, where to put all these unused dice!

Conclusion: I love this game! I am a huge DC superhero fan and I was also a huge fan of the Overpower CCG. Dice Masters is just like Overpower in game play but with dice instead of cards. The whole concept is genius using a die for energy or a character depending on the roll. If you are any kind of superhero/villain fan you need to have this in your collection of games.


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