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Chaos in the Old World: The Horned Rat Expansion - Board Game Box Shot

Chaos in the Old World: The Horned Rat Expansion

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The Horned Rat expansion title

The Horned Rat Expansion for Chaos in the Old World introduces a fifth player to the race toward corruption! With beautifully sculpted figures, all-new powers, and an array of exciting upgrades, the fearsome Skaven stand ready to scurry across the face of the Old World.

Players of the existing Ruinous Powers can meet the foul vermin head on with a host of new gameplay options, including alternate upgrade and Chaos cards. Meanwhile, veterans will find engaging challenges with new expert-level Old World cards and gameplay variants!

The Horned Rat expansion components
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Miniature Painter
I Play This One a LOT
27 of 29 gamers found this helpful
“Great expansion to an already great game”

At first it seems the expansion simply adds a fifth playable character (chaos god, though the horned rat is not technically one in the warhammer universe). But its so much more.

First things first, tough. The horned rat (dial, greater daemon, 3 warriors, 10 cultists, chaos cards, upgrade cards) is here to stay – very mobile, very numerous, very tricky – he feels a bit like Tzeench. He can be played along the original four or replace one of the gods in a 4 player game. Adds interesting variation and the models are great (no breaking banners on his cultists, too!)

But the coolest thing is the morslieb upgrade pack. New chaos cards and new upgrade cards for each of the chaos gods from the main box turn it into a completely different game. Khorne can win by VP’s, Nurgle can win by dial, Tzeench and Slaneesh summon warriors and daemons – a revolution in the old world! On top of that we get a couple of new old world cards that are more demanding, you can mix then into the deck or play just with them.

Pros? Great components, 5th exciting player, a variant game that plays in a very different way adding replayability to an already viciously replayable game.

Cons? Some of the new old world cards are to harsh on particular gods (closing the portal is death for tzeench), the Khorne bloodletter upgrade seemed overpowered in the first couple of games – perhaps its just getting used to the change, though

Overall – highly recommended to everybody who liked the original game.

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Critic - Level 1
20 of 27 gamers found this helpful
“An awesome expansion that adds some neat stuff...”

This expansion to Chaos in the Old World (COW) is great! It adds loads of new content and is super fun!

1) The addition of a fifth player. The Horned Rat is pretty unique! His scoring mechanic is different from all the others in that his cultists don’t place any corruption; instead, they sort-of steal it from the other gods. Nicely flavoured for a race of rat-men. (I love it when mechanics and flavour work well together!)

2) New spells and upgrades for each god. Apart from being fresh and exciting, this balances out the game a bit more, making it more strategic and giving players more to think about in terms of what their opponents are doing. Khorne might take ou by surprise and win with Victory points, for example… Also, while the first game’s upgrade cards had some clear winners, you’ll be scratching your head during upgrade selection with the expansion, because they’re ALL so useful…
NOTE: you cannot “mix and match” old and new upgrades and spells. Either you ALL play with the new set, or you ALL stick to the old one.

So a great expansion and my friends and I actually rarely play without using it!


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