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I find that the game tends to take longer than the advertised 90-min. Especially with new players present, it could take up to 3 hours. Plan accordingly and encourage players to read their cards and upgrades, and think of their strategies during other players turns. Also, get some extra d6’s, and roll them simultaneously for battles.

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“Cards, yes ... 5th player/Power, no.”

The Chaos, Upgrade and Morrslieb Old World Cards in this set add interesting and alternative options for the base game, and I routinely play with a selection of all. The 5th Power, however, I’ve found to be significantly more powerful than the 4 base Powers, in a way that warps play unfavourably. It’s definitely worth getting this expansion for the cards alone, but until a second expansion hits the shelves, I prefer to keep my Chaos at 4 players maximum.

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