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Legendary: Dark City - Board Game Box Shot

Legendary: Dark City

| Published: 2013
Expansion for Legendary
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Dark City, the first expansion to Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game brings an entirely new level of play to the critically acclaimed card game. In Dark City, players can use any of the new heroes including Cable, Professor X and Blade to face off against all new villain groups such as The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and The Mutant Liberation Front! Dark City also features 8 new schemes and 5 incredibly tough all new Masterminds for players to try and defeat. It is now up to you to defeat evil and become Legendary!

This is not a standalone product, Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game required to play.

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“Marvel Legendary Takes To The Streets!”

This is a review of a product that has been out since last year so if Legendary has been a favorite game of yours, you probably don’t need to know my opinion. On the other hand, if you still haven’t tried out Marvel’s Deck Builder or maybe tried only the base set, then this review may appeal to you?

In Legendary, the players each draft a deck of Shield Agents and Marvel’s Heroes to combat an assortment of Villains before a Mastermind has the chance to achieve a fiendish Scheme. The assortment of Heroes in the base set ranged from Avengers to X-Men to Spider-Man. This gave a good number of the hottest heroes from the Marvel movies. Missing, however were many of the Near-Street level heroes and villains from Marvel New York.

In Dark City, the Legendary set is expanded to include many fan favorites, including Marvel Knights heroes like Daredevil, Elektra and the Punisher as well as their enemies such as Kingpin. The set also has more X-Men such as Ice Man and Jean Grey as well as X Force heroes like Cable and Domino and their enemies Mister Sinister, Apocalypse and Stryfe. Just in case you want even more for the base heroes to do, the Emissaries of Evil bring a lot of staple Marvel Villains to the game, like Electro.

Game play in the Legendary game has been improved by including hidden Bystanders with good or bad effects. This makes rescuing them a little more uncertain but often times worth it. As another benefit, many of the heroes are cheaper allowing players who only have one measly point of Resource left someone they can still recruit. The base game had plenty of times in which a player would have to waste an unused point of Resource because the heroes in the base game all cost at least 2 points!

The best aspect of the expansion to me, though is simply the widening of the number and kind of heroes available and the increase in Schemes to confront. A few of the Schemes are really tough (maybe too much so) but others are a welcome addition.

Overall, this is a MUST HAVE for any fan or potential fan of Marvel Legendary!

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“More Heroes More Fun”

Legendary is quickly becoming one of the best deckbuilding games yet and of course, we got to have some expansions and Dark City is a bog box expansion which adds more heroes, more masterminds and more schemes, as well as other little goodies.

Our Heroes included are Daredevil, Blade, Iceman, Ghost Rider and others as they now have to take on new, tougher Masterminds. Kingpin, Stryfe, Mr. Sinister, Mephisto and Apocalypse are now wrecking havoc. New schemes are added to make the challenge that much more interesting.

When it comes to Kingpin, you now have the option to bribe him and his villains that follow him. This allows you to use both Attack and Recruit points to take them down. Nightcrawler uses the Teleport ability to use cards at another turn, something that could be useful in future turns.

Other then that, nothing else has changed but now that you have at least 400 more cards added to Legendary, there’s just more to have fun with the game. If you already own just Legendary, grab Dark City because it adds more Heroes (which, the artwork is actually different within each hero which is just a bonus) and the new Masterminds will add a challenge to your game.

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“Must Have Expansion”

If you enjoy the base set this should be an auto-buy for you. The extra schemes, heroes and villain add tremendous replay value to the game. The Masterminds in this box will incur some sort of penalty for either the player beating the MM up or the other players.

The game also gives you 11 more bystanders to rescue, now there is a perk for your efforts instead of just one more VP for your victory pile.

The villains represent some of the newer bad guys. Stryfe is not new, but newer.

New machanics in this are Teleport (gotta love Nightcrawler) and Bribe (allowing you to combine fight and recruit points to defeat the bad guys.)


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