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“Nightcrawler: Teleport Out of Tough Situations”

Nightcrawler’s Teleport ability can be extremely useful in a few subtle ways.

Being able to “save” possibly meaningless Recruit or Attack points for a future turn is a strong ability in itself. They can be put aside until more cards of the same type are drawn and you have enough to add up for a specific goal. Teleport cards that are not needed can also be continuously set aside to effectively thin your deck.

Cards with Superpower Abilities that trigger off of Covert or Instinct will now be much easier to play. Simply save the appropriate Teleport card until you draw into the other part of the combo. You no longer depend on lucky draws to obtain these powerful effects.

Lastly, a handful of matching teleport cards can be revealed multiple turns in a row to activate the Cosmic Threat ability of a certain “Eater of Worlds” that seems to scare so many players. Since you only have to reveal and not play, this can easily translate into four consecutive beatdowns and a quick victory!

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“Apocalypse, Now!”

Apocalypse introduces the infamous Lose Condition of “If one of each Horseman Villain reaches the Escaped Villains pile, the players lose.” To clarify, this is in addition to the normal Scheme’s Lose Condition, and Hero Deck exhaustion.

As more players increase the potential number of Villains to be placed and moved each round (and more individual player turns stuck with starting hands and incapable of fighting said Horsemen), I recommend fighting him with the fewest number of players possible- 3 at the very most- if you’re looking to win this fight. He’s hard enough on his own, and his Horsemen are powerful; do you really want to tilt the odds in his favor while juggling Scheme Twists and Master Strokes?

Secondarily and equally important; I have found Apocalypse to be the only Mastermind to force a cooperative game between players. Do with this information as you will. Good luck, and go get ’em!

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“Face Down Bystanders”

We will place the Bystanders in a pile face down and draw from the pile when needed. This keeps what kind of bystander we’re rescuing a secret.

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