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Age of Conan

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Thief, barbarian, pirate, king. Robert E. Howard's tales of the exploits and adventures of Conan have inspired generations.

The Age of Conan strategy board game allows players to each control one of the four major kingdoms of Hyboria. Command armies, wield dark sorcery, or weave cunning intrigue - all are needed in order to conquer your enemies and make your kingdom the most powerful in the world. Yet, even the most powerful of rulers ignores one man at his great peril. Only one kingdom will harness the volatile alliance of the mightiest hero of all - Conan the Cimmerian!

Age of Conan is a strategy board game for 2-4 players, ages 12+, playable in 90+ minutes.

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“By Crom! This game deserves to be played more!”

Age of Conan strategy board game, uses the background from Robert E. Howard’s Hyborian age setting. In this game, up to 4 players are put in control as one of the major powers in the world of Hyboria, fighting for influence and imperial dominance, by waging wars and diplomatic actions. At the same time, the legendary barbarian, Conan, travels the land on missions to pursue his own personal interest.

This game is a very unique war strategy game, in that it has a very interesting aspect. That aspect is Conan. None of the players can truly “control” Conan, but can simply try to maximize his/her personal interest by manipulating Conan. This adds a lot of dynamics into the game, often require players to use carefully calculated strategies before executing the next few moves.

This is a great strategy war game that really deserves to be played more!

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Critic - Level 2
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“An underappreciated lamentation of your enemies”

I confess to feeling some real excitement for this game when I read about the dice mechanics. It seemed certain that this game would be something along the lines of War of the Rings, but for up to 4 players. Well, the dice mechanic is pretty solid. The rest of the game lacks as much pizazz as War of the Rings, but it’s still an interesting, light war game for a few friends in a barbaric mood.

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“I totally love it!”

For those who love the Howard’s world is a must play experience. Crom!


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