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Dragon’s Gold - Board Game Box Shot

Dragon’s Gold

| Published: 2011
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dragon's gold

Beat the dragons and seize the treasures! Each player plays with a team of heroes intent on only one goal: collecting lots of magical objects and treasures! Beating a dragon? Simple. But then comes the real challenge: reaching an agreement on the distribution of the loot.

  • A game by Bruno Faidutti, designer of Citadels.
  • Unique game mechanism: negotiating under time pressure (distribute to everyone's liking or nobody gets anything).
  • With a more strategic variant for players who do not like negotiating - without affecting the game's character, fun and strategy.
  • High interaction between players and hilarity thanks to cards with magical objects.
  • Simple rules and smooth gameplay

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“Much more fun backstabbing than Diplomacy!”

Dragon’s Gold is ALL about negotiation and backstabbing. When negotiations fail, you all fail – but that’s part of the strategy by itself. Where Dragon’s Gold really shines is with its magic cards – they can quickly change the flow of the game by allowing cheating or switching of hoards. Really a neat mechanic, and a great find.


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