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StarCraft: Brood War Expansion - Board Game Box Shot

StarCraft: Brood War Expansion

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With the shattered Zerg hive torn apart by fierce infighting, the Protoss seek to reunite with their Dark Templar brethren and begin rebuilding their devastated homeworld, Aiur. Terran Emperor Mengsk I, having achieved his goal of total domination over the human colonies, must now face two formidable threats. On one side is the rising power of the woman he betrayed – Kerrigan, now the infamous Zerg Queen of Blades – and on the other, a malevolent conspiracy deep within his own ranks.

This expansion to the award-winning StarCraft: The Board Game provides a wide range of new units, planets, orders, technologies, and more. Included within are brand new rules for:

  • Leadership Cards: Faction customizations providing devastating powers and advanced strategies for each of the six factions.
  • Heroes: Powerful units whose unique abilities can turn the tide of battle.
  • Scenario Play: Story-based missions that offer a brand new way to play the game. Fight to save the Dark Templar homeworld from Zerg infestation or attempt to destroy the Zerg Overmind to free the galaxy from its tyranny!

After Brood War, the galaxy will never be the same again...

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Critic - Level 4
Advanced Reviewer Beta 1.0 Tester
53 of 60 gamers found this helpful
“Starcraft IS NOT COMPLETE Without This Expansion”

Some expansions broaden a game by adding more components; others heighten it with new rules and options; still others clarify or fix some of the existing rules that didn’t quite gel, or improve the balance between different aspects of the game. This expansion does ALL of these things.

Each faction gets a new set of units, sculpted as beautifully as the base game, although with some editions the color match may not be exact. There are more planets, more cards, more strategic options, more upgrade paths, more distinction between the factions… this expansion is simply: more.

If you read my review of the base game a lot of the same comments – good and bad – will apply here, but to that I will add that after the first time playing with the expansion, I never went back. NEVER. You have the freedom to leave certain aspects of the gameplay in or out but in a general sense, this game is so complete with the expansion that to play without just reminds you of what you did not even realize was missing before.

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Gamer - Level 6
Asmodee fan
Count / Countess
51 of 59 gamers found this helpful
“No Starcraft without it”

The expansion adds some things and fixes other things. For one thing, it removes the factions victory-condition. But not entirely. This condition is now placed in to a set of cards of which you may choose this condition, or gain an ability instead. For each of the 3 phases, you may choose more abilities.

It also adds the defense order. This helps you if you are afraid of an attack, and the order is played immediately. But it’s no rescue if you’re deep in it.

And of course what’s an addon without new units and planets? Quite a few cards are replaced with new ones, and you add event cards as well. The new units are of the same quality as the old.

Half of the rulebook consists of scenarios, which were non-existant in the original game. The scenarios can be quite challenging, and it adds more components to the game which aren’t used the same as the scenarios change. Of course, you may play a regular game as well.

In summary: the expansion is essential and fixes a lot of broken things, as well as adding new content that changes the game to the better.

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5 Beta 2.0 Tester
Cryptozoic Entertainment fan
51 of 59 gamers found this helpful

As with the original game, this expansion lacks organization inside the box. Which means that, unless you buy some small boxes/bags yourself to divide everything, all pieces and cards are going to be lying around and mixed up inside the box, which can make setting up the game a bit tedious.

The transportation problem where flying units would get broken was fixed by dividing the pedestal and units in different packages, but the main difference was that, instead of having to glue some of the units, I had to glue them all. Still, better that than having some of the pedestals’ shafts broken.

This expansion neatly improves the original game. It adds heroes and allows you to play with different strategies without having to be stuck with a single, special victory objective. It also adds 2-3 new units per team, new planets, new technology cards, and of course the awesome new leadership cards.

Being a StarCraft fan I was blown away at how well they developed the original PC game into a board game and the expansion is just as great as its predecessor. In the end this game is very polished and true to its roots, is a must buy if you own the first game or love StarCraft in general.

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Gamer - Level 3
52 of 67 gamers found this helpful
“Like the others said...good investment”

More plastic alien armies and planets are always good. Additionally, heroes and leadership cards add new strategies to a game that already had plenty. Pretty much if you like StarCraft, the expansion just makes everything just a little better.

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52 of 69 gamers found this helpful
“Must have!”

If you have Starcraft and loved it, but felt it needed more, then you have to get the Brood Wars expansion. It adds leaders, multiple ways to start your forces and multiple paths to victory. The fighting get dirtier with more units that can add the unique flare to your play style. I would highly recommend it.

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51 of 76 gamers found this helpful
“Υou will not regret!”

This expansion is very usefull addition to the main game.

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Critic - Level 1
51 of 78 gamers found this helpful

This is practically needed. It is this expansion that perfects this game.

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51 of 88 gamers found this helpful
“everything you need to make a great game greater”

More scenarios for more ways of playing


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