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“Suggestion on how to play as Zergs”

I usually play Terran but the time I used Zergs I did this and worked very well for me. The main strategy is to expand your swarm around an area that grants you more victory points (or just one) than the other races every turn:

*In the first turn you have to put first a movement order to get to some extra victory points if posible (this is the order your going to execute last). Then an investigation special order at your base (to resolve just before moving). Then put a production order.

*When you resolve this production order build the module for special orders so when you get to the investigation you can use it normally. Also produce some workers (if you have enough resources) in the first turns. Don’t wait to produce them later since you’re going to need as much resources as posible to produce units. When resolving the investigation order put a technology card in your hand so you cand do some powerfull stuff on your first turn. If you think someone else is going to move to the victory points before you pick an offensive one, if not, pick one that can help you deffending the position.

* Once you did all this you just have to produce as many units as posible and take an area as wide as posible. I found better to control more areas with weaker units than the opposite since your enemys are going to need to fight more battles against you, use their powerfull cards and when they get to the areas you really need (usually victory points) their going to face your strongest units and might have used some of the good cards or lost some units. You’re also delaying their movement and probably when they realize you’re going to win, they won’t have enough turns to get to the main areas.

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“Before your first game”

Make sure you’ve sorted out the cards and bits before attempting your first game with this expansion. It does take quite some time to find the correct cards and components, and shouldn’t be wasted at the first play.

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