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Blue Moon City - Board Game Box Shot

Blue Moon City

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Blue Moon City Fantasy Flight Game

The Dark Age is over. The royal heirs, who caused the conflict and the destruction of Blue Moon City, have fled, and their corrupt advisors have been banished to faraway lands. The bitter division between the peoples of Blue Moon is beginning to heal.

Blue Moon City Game

Blue Moon City lies in ruin, but the people have vowed to restore the city to its former magnificence. The three elemental dragons have returned to help in the renaissance of Blue Moon City. They reward good leadership with shards of the Holy Crystal from the destroyed obelisk in the center of the city.

Blue Moon City Red Dragon

Complete the blueprints and restore Blue Moon City to its former glory! Guide the peoples of Blue Moon in their efforts to rebuild their home and earn the favor of the elemental dragons. Prove that you have what it takes to be the leader of all the peoples of Blue Moon.

Blue Moon City Game Pieces
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“A light strategy game that is good for new tabletop players”

A game that I use for groups that are new to tabletop games. Relatively easy to teach, simple game mechanics, light strategy, nice graphics and good quality components.

Setup –
Follow the illustration in the rule book. Relatively simple and fast.

Gameplay –
Everyone starts in the center tile which is also the tile that one must be in to make an offering.
On a player’s turn, he moves up to 2 steps (each tile is a step), play cards on hand to make contribution to the building on the tile (optional), then discard (optional) and draw cards.
The cards represent different races with different coloured resources and powers. Combining card abilities and resources to make efficient contribution is a main element of gameplay.
When required amount of contributions are made on a building tile, the building is completed and flipped over. Players making contributions to the building get rewards ranging from crystals, dragon scales and cards.
Crystals are used for making offerings.
Dragon scales are collected when a contribution is made on a building tile with dragon/s on it (dragons can be summoned by card powers). Players with certain numbers of dragon scales will be rewarded with crystals.
Throughout the game, players have to plan to move back to the center tile to make offerings to the obelisk using crystals.
The 1st player that makes the required number of offerings wins the game.


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