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“Tips for Blue Moon City novices”

Here are a few quick pointers that might give you an edge:

• Try to build a section or make a monument offering every turn.

• Keep your crystal tokens face down so that others won’t know exactly how many you have.

• In the early game, conserve your cards. Compare the crystal reward to the number of cards you would play to get it.

• In the early game, try to stay close to at least one other player, so long as your cards allow you to do that and also build on every turn.

• If someone has summoned a dragon without completing the building, build in the same place to get a dragon scale without spending an extra dragon card.

• If you don’t have the cards to build anything on a turn, that’s a good time to make a monument offering.

• If you can use a Pillar (yellow) card power to make more than one offering on a turn, that will save a turn. However, don’t wait too long to make a first offering.

• Use the discard option aggressively so that you can draw more cards.

• In the late game, look carefully for where the big neighborhood bonuses are. Finish those buildings if you can, and don’t worry about conserving cards. You want as few others as possible to share in the big payouts.

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