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75 out of 95 gamers thought this was helpful

This is a fun fast-paced dice game. 2 – 4 people can play. It’s family friendly. It helps kids learn how to count up their points and do it quickly as well.

Everyone gets to roll the dice! The players get black dice that have guns, sleeping bags with sleeping campers and campers running. There are another set of dice that have tents and bears on them. The object of the game is to eliminate the bears as quickly as possible.

So if you have 3 guns, you can grab 3 bear dice after all the dice has been rolled. When a player is completely finished pairing up the tents and bears with their dice AND all of the bear dice are gone, they can yell: “No More Bears!” and everyone else has to stop matching up their dice.

It’s quick, it’s fun and easy and the kids LOVE IT!

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Atlantis Rising

32 out of 59 gamers thought this was helpful

I played this at Gencon. We had a full table. The person that was at the Z-Man games booth doing the demo went to lunch after getting the 6 of us set up. The person that was supposed to guide us for the rest of the game went MIA. So we did the best we could with the rule book.
We sincerely feel the game is broken. There is not much of a chance to win the game whatsoever. The purpose is to make sure Atlantis does not sink.
However, with each turn there are 6 misfortune cards drawn. Inevitably, your areas are going to sink due to these cards. Also, you have to fight the Romans with every turn as well. You get some “meeples” to help you try and save Atlantis but creating resources to keep Atlantis from sinking. However, the number of meeples are sparse when you have to add your meeples to the Roman war card to help prevent the Romans from sinking Atlantis as well.
See how confusing this gets? It’s indeed hard and it’s indeed frustrating.
If you want to a game where you cooperate, great! If you want a game where you cooperate AND still fail? THIS IS THE GAME FOR YOU!

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69 out of 119 gamers thought this was helpful

I really enjoy playing Carcassonne. I bought it at GenCon and we bought the others as well. Basically you have your “meeples” or player pieces. You use 1 for scoring and the rest you can place on the board pieces. The objective of the game is to score as many points as you can.
The “game board”, if you want to call it that, is created as you play. When you turn over a tile, it will reveal a piece of the game board. It may have a piece of farm land, piece of road or possibly a castle on it. When you flip the tile over you must be able to match it up with others.
For example if you have a tile that has farmland and road, it must meet up with another piece of farmland or connect to a road or both. At that point in time, you have the option of placing your “meeple” on that tile and try to complete the road, farmland or castle village.
I like that onlly 2 people can play but you can have up to 5 players. It doesn’t take long to play either. So it can be a quick game! Kids can play as well it’s not difficult at all and it can help them with counting!

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61 out of 80 gamers thought this was helpful

This good ole classis is never tiring. It’s a simple game to play, there are not tons of pieces or things to do. You simply must create words and get points for it.

You are given a random amount of wooden tile pieces. These pieces have a letter on them and a number. For example the letter A piece has a number 1 on it as well. This is the amount of points you can have for using this letter.

Depending on your skill using words and vocabulary, you can acquire a lot of points by spelling interesting words. The letter X for example is worth 8 points. There are is a board where you play your words and letters. This creates a crossword looking board. You can add to others’ words as well and get points.

It can be a lot of fun and time consuming depending on how competitive the players are in the game. I recommend playing with the kids. Children can learn and practice spelling words while earing points. It’s a great ego-boost for kids to get points for the words they come up with on their own accord.

Also because it is a classic game, my parents love to play it too. So all ages get involved and interact with each other.

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26 out of 39 gamers thought this was helpful

I just played this on Friday night! I did not know it was going to join my pre GenCon party but here we are! Fluxx is a CRAZY game! The goals change, the rules change, then, there are cards that will reset the entire board. I can be hesistant with new games. However, I jumped into the game and gave it my best shot!
Of course, I ended up winning the game being able to play an goal card that started with: “You win when .” Since I had met the criteria, I played the card and promptly won.
In this game you have to pay attention. I put one rule out there where you must make a noise if you acquire a creeper card. When I did not make my noise I had to discard that type and start over. So you must pay attention to the rules and call out any player that doesn’t follow the rules!
Keeper cards are part of the goals. Most goals require Keeper cards but usually specific Keepr cards. SOME goals require creeper cards but you usually want to get rid of the creepers.
Action cards are played to help benefit those that want to fulfill the goal and usually include something like, “find all the creepers in the discard pile and distribute them to yourself and the rest of the players”.
I had a lot of fun and was surprised that I won, but I will definitely play this again. I think more people will make it confusing but the game will go faster.

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Cthulhu Dice

34 out of 58 gamers thought this was helpful

I really like this game. This game can be played quickly and easily. The rules are easy to follow. You get to pick the person or “target” and rule the dice to see what the outcome will be. You are given some sanity chips and you can win or lose them depending on the roles and if you have a fellow play “out to get you” or not.
The game can have up to six players but we usually have three to four players for our game. It’s a different type of way of playing a Cthulu game. Usually in Cthulu no one has a choice and is given a fate. This time, you can decide others’ fate or sometimes it turns on you and you lost your sanity chips. If you lose all of your sanity chips, you will be “mad” and will need to roll the Elder sign.
The dice look cool. The consequences are easy and kind of fun to think about. Also if you like accessories this is your chance to get some nifty looking stuff such as a Cthulu dice bag, pins, shot glass, markers and more!

41 out of 55 gamers thought this was helpful

This is a wonderful site to follow, easy and fun too! How can you beat this? I get on the site, look at the games I have played or want — and it is ALSO a game too! I love getting points xp, badges and stuff like this. I found this site while reading the GenCon newsletter. I am psyched about the quests and am ready to demo a lot of GAMES this year! I will be there all 4 days so I am READY! I am going to print off the quests and show my friends tomorrow at our pre-gen con party! So they can sign up and get a login and we can work together this coming week!

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12 out of 35 gamers thought this was helpful

This card game is cool. I really enjoy being able to change time and change history using these cards. The cards get laid out across the table and people get an objective and some items to acquire. It can get competitive if you have several people with outgoing personalities wanting to win! Even this non-competitive heart found ways of changing time to prolong the winnings of my fellow players. I think that people that enjoy history will love this game and I think people that are curious about what if’s regarding history will enjoy this game as well.

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23 out of 44 gamers thought this was helpful

Even this non-competitive spirit can find a some “revenge” for my fellow players in Munchkin. The cards and expansions are creative and work well together. You can play with few people or tons! I have two friends that are married and once played for hours and against each to try and outdo each other on this game! That in and of itself is fun to see and makes the evening very enjoyable! My favorites are the Conan and Christmas expansions but any will d. I also enjoy the crazy rules regarding tournaments and what not. There are paper hat rules and wearing an official T-shirt rule etc. The craziness never ends!

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