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Four Taverns

67 out of 81 gamers thought this was helpful

I played this at Gen Con, it is a card based game and I really enjoyed it. Truth be told I would like to play it more to really “get” it’s replayability. You play competing Innkeepers, trying to get the adventuring party to come to your tavern and spend their loot. There are some “screw with the other players” type cards but I think it would benefit from some more humor ala Red Dragon Inn. That said I still liked it and I think I would like it more if I did more than just demo it. I know this review doesn’t sound particularly helpful but I guess what I’m saying is that I liked it but might like it more if I played it more. However, there is a chance I might not? I think the game is missing some kind of punch to move it from good to great.

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13 out of 37 gamers thought this was helpful

Love this game. If you are a nut for time travel games and What Ifs and the fiction of Harry Turtledove and Mr. Peabody and, well, anything time travel-ish OR you are a history nut…
The identities and goals make this a lot of fun (and the expanison cards for IDs and goals) and they make sense in the game.
Anyway, even your non-gamer friends will like this game though you will need to help explain some of the details, the concept will pull people in.
No wonder Looney Labs has the license for a “Back to the Future” game.

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71 out of 108 gamers thought this was helpful

I love portable games! This is a way fun, any ages, play anywhere dice game.
You barely need the rule book(let) this is so easy to learn.

You have campers, bears, tents, sleeping bags and shotguns. The various match ups are how you make points and lose points and the combinations kind of are self explanatory.

Here’s a nice tip if you are playing with your cubs, set up little borders (books, Legos, arms, whatever) around the table as the kids (ok, adults too) can get a little excited in the rolling and matching up. We knocked die off of our table several times.

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Summoner Wars

47 out of 71 gamers thought this was helpful

I thorughly enjoyed this game at Gen Con 2012. My elevator pitch for it is Chess (where your “armies” have different strengths and weaknessess) plus a Trading Card Game (though NOT a CCG).
I rather enjoyed the special abilities of each individual card, one card may give a buff or or detract from your opponnent’s abilities. I also enjoyed how the magic or “mana” (for lack of a better term) is generated. We almost bought the deluxe version and the cost/value for that was excellent. We abstained because if we are going to buy at full price we would rather support or local game shop (and get in store credit for what we spend).

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Atlantis Rising

23 out of 50 gamers thought this was helpful

I played this at Gen Con 2012 and I will abstain from my opinions and keep to the actual demoing and stick to game thoughts. That said if we would have had more representative input it might get a better rating.
The game is broken, there is apparently no way to win and you truly are fighting a losing battle. It is nigh impossible to manage resources, fight Athenians and somehow stave off the impending doom of sinking.
This might be appropriate considering you think Atlantis and Titanic and you invariably now the fate of each.
Perhaps the hubris that sunk both and how you can’t win AR are a bit of meta-gaming that was accomplished subconscioulsy by the game designers?

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50 out of 126 gamers thought this was helpful

I FINALLY (at Gen Con 2012)got my own copy of this and I. LOVE. IT. Next to my 1st edition AD&D DM screen this is THE purchase of the con. It is so easy to learn and play and the combinations of play are tuly different every time. Mastering the game, learnign the strategies, that’s a little more complicated but VERY REWARDING when you start to figure it out. I can even imagine a lightbulb-ish meeple hovering over my head when this happens.

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Castle Panic

57 out of 170 gamers thought this was helpful

We demo’d CP at Gen Con 2011 and subsequently bought it. I love that it is co-operative play and how it never gets old (especially with the Wizard;s Tower expansion). This is a fun game for ALL AGES, not as complex as some *ahem* OTHER games or as expensive (I’m looking at you Fantasy Flight) but don’t think that is a harsh criticism. I LOVE THIS GAME. It wasn’t marketed as for kids but it has kind of turned into that, guess what, it’s fun even without playing with kids.

Go to the Castle Panic: The Wizard's Tower page
75 out of 124 gamers thought this was helpful

What can I say about the Wizard’s Tower expansion other than it brings more fun to an already VERY fun game. It is so much fun that you won’t want to play without it. My daughters and I added it to our Castle Panic shortly after it came out and the tower and spells added easily to the game. The big super-bosses bring no small amount of challenge to the game and the imps are annoying, which are what imps should be. My 8 year old loves to call them “wimps.”
What is Fireside Games going to come up with next?

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