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7 Wonders

32 out of 74 gamers thought this was helpful

7 wonders is a game for 2-7 players. Each turn you can play one card then pass the cards to your neighbor. This makes you not only decide which card is best for you, but makes you think which card you don’t want the next player to have. You build resource cards early so you can use them to build other, more advanced cards later. You score points at end game based on military, science, guilds, marketplaces, money, rescoure cards, etc. Personally i love when a game has many ways to win, this makes each game very different from the last. You can change your strategy each game or hone one startegy untill your game group starts blocking you. The two player version plays different from the 3-7 player game but is equally enjoyable.Two expansions await.

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69 out of 87 gamers thought this was helpful

This is an out of print component that the game company (Games od Wonder) generously allow you to download and print for free from their website. This is a great addition to the game. It allows you to shake up the way the game is played and turn it into a new game. My family enjoys games that have a main enemy that others gang up on (usally me being the punching-bag). Easy to understand rules if you already know how to play the main game.

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54 out of 100 gamers thought this was helpful

Tsuro is a simple, elegant game that can be played fairly quickly. It is a good break between two long, or deep strategy games. The game seems like it should be almost all stratgey but I feel it comesdown to the luck of the last move. This isn’t a game my family asks to play, so I assume it isn’t a favorite of theirs either. Maybe one day I will find an opponent who requests this game more often and i will grow to like it more.

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15 out of 28 gamers thought this was helpful

It’s really nice that Days of Wonder gives this away free, but the price of shipping and handling made this item really not worth it. Its just a few arrows pointing up and a few pointing down. These are used to connect the above ground with the below ground. The rules to use the expansion can be read fron Days of Wonder web site and you can make your own arrows. I think this should just be shoved in the Smallworld Undergound box to save the headache. With that said, I really enjoy the connecting of two game boards and making a mega game, so hats off to the product itself.

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Dixit Journey

88 out of 144 gamers thought this was helpful

In Dixit, you have a hand of 6 cards with nicely done art work on them. One person picks one of their cards and says something that makes them think of their card. This can be a phrase, lyric, one word, whatever comes to mind. Everyone else takes a card from their own hand that they think matches the phrase, lyric, or whatever was said. The cards are randomly laid out and people bid on which card they think was the one chosen by the person who started that turn. Points are scored (not going into every rule here) and play is passed. I have played with ages 5 to 65 so far and believe it or not, younger folk are not at a disadvantage. I love this game, cards are great quality , art is great, and play is mellow and very entertaining. Dixit has a few different sets out, which I believe (can anyone confirm?) just have different art on the cards but plays the same. Either way I want to own them just to mix it up. Hope this helped some, and happy game playing.

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Castle Panic

97 out of 190 gamers thought this was helpful

This was my first introducting into co-op games. I didn’t know they made board games where you all work together. Honestly, I purchased this game based on that fact alone. My five year old is able to play since we help each other out. Some games are hard for the younger folk where you need to hide your hand from opponents, but not this game. This game was so much fun that my family has spent alot of time and money gathering many new games. The replay is great. Every game is a close win/lose, keeping the game exciting. I believe I will also use this game to lure in non-gamers to our gaming nights. As an adult I really enjoy this game for is simple beauty and uniqueness.

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Summoner Wars

81 out of 161 gamers thought this was helpful

This game is amazing. It is as easy or complex as you want to make it. The more I play, the deeper the stratigies go. My only wish was I had more people to play this game with. This is one of those games that “ain’t over till it’s over”. Even when you are sure you have won (or lost), the next hand can easily tip the scales the other way. Plus there is a limited number of cards so you don’t need to buy endless expansion packs like a lot of card games. Plaid Hat Games is a great company in my opnion.

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