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Summoner Wars: The Filth Faction Deck - Board Game Box Shot

Summoner Wars: The Filth Faction Deck

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They are a barbaric tribe of demon worshipers. They burn and despoil what traces of civilization they can find. They have no name for themselves, but others call them the Filth. At night their camps echo with the screams of prisoners and the gibbering of madmen. Bodies bend and snap as they are wracked by mutation - dark payment earned with dark rituals.

This Summoner Wars Faction Deck provides everything you need to play the Filth.
(A Summoner Wars Starter Set or Master Set is also needed to play the game.)

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“Time to Get Your Hands Dirty”

Given that this is an expansion for Summoner Wars and requires either the Master Set or a Starter Set to use it, I’ll assume anyone reading this is familiar with the basics of the game. As such, I won’t really talk about the gameplay itself, just this faction.

The Filth are by far the most unique of the 16 factions in Summoner Wars (and were it not for the Fallen Kingdom, they’d easily be my favorite faction). This uniqueness comes from two things: they mutate common units into more powerful ones rather than having champions, and they have some cards that can be played on your opponent’s turn (an extreme rarity in this game). The latter of these is pretty self-explanatory, so the former is where I’ll focus my time.

Just like how other factions have common units, so does the Filth. Unlike other factions, the Filth don’t have champions; they have mutants. These mutant cards fill the same role as champions (the heavy duty units of the faction, often with useful abilities), but they are played directly on top of an existing common unit. As the label “mutant” implies, this is supposed to be representative of the twisted mutations the faction’s members submit themselves to. From a gameplay perspective, this makes any opponent’s cards that card about champions useless and also allows for some deceit. No weak unit is nonthreatening when any of them could suddenly become a sturdy melee attacker who also sprouted wings and can move over walls as if they were normal spaces. With some misdirection, you can approach an opponent’s front line from multiple angles and then drop the mutant on the unit(s) that he/she will have the hardest time dealing with.

If you are still fairly new to the game or like simple, straightforward factions, the Filth isn’t for you. If you like flexibility and the ability to be tricky and play a few mind games with your opponent, the Filth is a dream come true. In either case, it’s a faction completely unlike any other in the game.

If you’ve read any of my other Summoner Wars reviews, you know what’s coming. The cards are high quality, the art is good (and particularly effective at capturing the grotesqueness of this faction), but the lack of a tuckbox or any sort of storage solution once the package is opened still annoys me, so get your glue and scissors ready to make your own (a variety of user-made templates are available on the internet). All in all, though, this is a fantastic addition to the game, especially if you’re looking for something to add significant variety to the mix.


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