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Scrabble Slam! Card Game - Board Game Box Shot

Scrabble Slam! Card Game

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SCRABBLE SLAM is a fast-paced word game where anything could happen! Race against each other to change the existing four-letter word and get rid of your cards. “Game” could become “fame” and “fame” could become “fate”—you never know where it’ll go. Be the first player to get rid of all of your cards to win!

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My wife loves word games. I mean, LOVES them. But her reaction during this game was a whole-hearted “meh”.

The game is really simple to learn. The game begins with a 4 letter word that all players agree upon, like “HOME” or “GAME”. Then each player tries to modify the word using cards in their hands.

One of the issues of the game is the cards themselves. They are made of sturdy material, but the problem is that there are two letters on each card, one on each side. This can be overwhelming when playing such a fast paced game. Plus, when you are dealing out the cards, everyone knows who has a blank card and who doesn’t.

Play goes really fast and the word makes some interesting modifications, but it is just too easy to repeat words. The speed of Scrabble Slam! does not lend itself to clever words as much as its father game of Scrabble does.

Overall, this game would probably be best played with more than 2 people and with a younger crowd who is learning words for the first time. It is quick and cheap, but you also get what you pay for.

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“Quick Version of Scrabble”

For those who like Scrabble but don’t have a lot of time. Here’s a review that was useful to me (from Amazon):

The previous reviewer summed up the game well. However, it’s important to note that the game is played by all players SIMULTANEOUSLY – which does get the pace picked up quite a bit. You have to be pretty quick in “slamming” a card down to create your new word while the other players are all trying to do the same thing. Thus the four-letter word is ever-changing. I saw the commercial for this game on TV and being from a family that loves games about to head out on a family vacation, went to Target where I saw it for about $5. We played it with four adults, three adults and two adults and during each of those scenarios, had a blast. It was fun trying to stump each other with rare four-letter words. My mom has recommended it to several of her friends who have grandchildren. It’s a great game for kids learning to spell and to challenge their word skills. Warning: After several rounds of this game, you’ll find yourself on the lookout for four-letter words all the time!


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