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Sentinels of the Multiverse: Rook City - Board Game Box Shot

Sentinels of the Multiverse: Rook City

| Published: 2012

Come to beautiful Rook City, where exciting adventure awaits! Plan on staying… forever.

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Expansion Overview

Rook City is the first expansion to the Sentinels of the Multiverse card game, and provides several new game mechanics like indestructible cards and irreducible damage. It also introduced the “H” icon, which effectively scaled the game for different numbers of players (which has since been incorporated into the Enhanced Edition). Most notably, “Mr. Fixer” and “Expatriatte” join the ranks of the heroes. Four new Villains appear: “Plague Rat,” “Spite,” “The Matriarch,” and “The Chairman.” And two new environments: Pike Industrial Complex and Rook City itself. Let’s break it all down.


Guns, ammo, guns and more guns. Expatriette uses her lightening quick reflexes and amazing arsenal to inflict heavy damage on baddies. The key ammo and gun combos make Expatriette an easy first time hero to play.
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Mister Fixer
Martial arts and hand to hand combat may not seem powerful at first, but Mr. Fixers deck builds with each Ongoing effect played. Unlike some heroes that might run out of ammo, Mr. Fixer’s deck seems to amplify like the rising tide as the game continues.
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Plague Rat
This vicious vermin attacks heroes with toxic damage and seeks to infect them. Heroes who become infected begin to gain damage each turn and the damage snowballs from there. Heroes may also attack other heroes as their minds start to unravel from toxic poison.
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A drug head and serial killer on the loose, this villain uses innocent bystanders to create havoc amongst the heroes. The heroes must save the victims by getting them to a safe house. Not an easy task as he relentlessly stalks the innocent.
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The Chairman
The Master of the underworld – this guy can’t be touched, unless his underbosses and thugs are dealt with first. This deck offers two Villains in one, with a nasty female assassin watching his back. A tough challenge.
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The Matriarch
An Avian Majesty, this wicked woman commands carrion fowl that can quickly overwhelm the strongest of heroes. Specializing in Psychic damage, the beating of wings will have the heroes running for cover. Another wicked workout.
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Pike Industrial Complex
Vats of oozing liquid and dangerous infected lab rats. This is no place for your heroes to hang – especially when the vats blow! This Environment gets very toxic very fast. An intense challenge.
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Rook City
These streets are crawling with all the wrong sorts of characters. Danger lurks around every corner. But who knows the heroes may meet a private eye or forensic scientist that will help their cause. Watch your back!
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New Mechanics

Irreducible Damage simply can’t be reduced by any affects, but it can be increased and redirected. Some of the dangers in Rook City are irreducible – making it a hazardous place to hang.

Indestructible cards are special cards that will stay in play and cannot be removed by any means till the end of the game. Spite’s Villain deck employs several indestructible cards.

The “h” icon has been included in all cards in the Expanded edition and really takes care of one initial complaint with the first edition of the game: scalability. Now cards that deal damage take into account the number of players, easily creating a balanced and positive game experience for any sized hero group.

Final Thoughts

Rook City introduces to nasty Environments and two cool heroes who are relatively easy and fun to play, but it must be said that the Villains included in the expansion are worth the price of the expansion.The Chairman and The Matriarch are the toughest villains in the game, and only team of heroes that work perfectly together will survive their onslaught. The combination of escalating Infection from Plague Rat, and Spite’s unpredictable drug induced crime sprees present an entertaining but achievable challenge. Rook City is where evil lurks, and the Villains in this expansion live up to that reputation. It will create an engaging test of cooperative and tactical play for even the best of Sentinels players. A must have if you are into the game.

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Went to Gen Con 2012
Sentinels of the Multiverse fan
64 of 71 gamers found this helpful
“Rook City needs your help in cleaning up crime. ”

Rook City is one of the Sentinels of the Multiverse recent expansions. This game adds two heroes, four villains and two environments to the wonderful comic themed card game.

Mr. Fixer is a martial arts expert who can use various positions to throw his tire irons or other car parts at the bad guys.

Expatriette is a gun loving hero, who everyone seems to love to play. She has a wonderful selection of guns, and ammo. Both her and Mr. Fixer seem to do more damage than the base characters. They certainly need to do more damage, Rook City has very difficult villains to defeat.

Plague Rat a wonderful rat villain deals toxic damage while he walks the sewers.

The Matriarch is so far the hardest villain created. She has birds that can darken the sky and take points away from you again, and again. Its like being pecked to death.

The Chairman may be working behind the scenes, but he has an operative that you have to destroy first before you can get to him.

Finally Spite is a villain that you don’t want to let get access to drugs that make him more powerful.

This expansion also added irreducible damage or damage that can not be decreased by any effect and indestructible cards that cannot be destroyed or removed from play.

If play from the base game has not changed. You still have the villain phase, hero phase than environment phase. The cards have wonderful art and the game is just a blast to play. If you are looking for super hero card action you don’t need to look any further. This game is awesome.

These cards will fit into the updated Sentinels of the Universe base box. I’m off to save Rook City – evil is everywhere there.

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Count / Countess
Advanced Reviewer
62 of 86 gamers found this helpful
“Protecting the City of Rook for Justice Everywhere”

Rook City is the first expansion to Sentinels of the Multiverse. It adds 2 additional heroes and 4 villains to the base game.

The two heroes are The Expatriate, a one-eyed chick version of The Punisher, and Mister Fixer, who is basically Mister Miagi from the Karate Kid. Neither of these heroes are particularly complex compared to what you already have in the base game, but they are just as awesome to play as and simply add more variety to the game.

As for the villains, you have Plague Rat, very similar to Killer Croc from Batman or Lizard from Spiderman. There’s Spite, who doesn’t resemble anyone I am aware of in the DC/Marvel universe, but is a very cool character because he is so original. These two villains aren’t particularly difficult or exciting compared o what comes with the base game either. However, The Chairman and The Matriarch are make this expansion worthwhile in my opinion. They are noticeably more difficult than anything you get in the base game. For me, when it comes to cooperative games, a new level of difficulty is always a welcome challenge.

Overall, this is a great buy for $18 because it definitely makes a difference in the base game.

Player Avatar
Movie Lover
Miniature Painter
Sentinels of the Multiverse fan
62 of 88 gamers found this helpful
“More Sentinels of the Multiverse = more fun!”

The first expansion to the awesome game Sentinels of the Multiverse shows that more is better! This set brings us more heroes, villians and enviroments to use in our games and thus provide more options and more fun.

The new cards add more depth to the game as well as of course more options for the players. The introduction of alternative hero chracter cards for two of the base set heroes also breaths new life into already full fledged members of the Freedom Fire.

This set shows that the game designers know what they are doing, and the first set was not just a “lucky fluke”. Sentinels of the Multiverse is here to stay and I look forward to each new expansion with frenzied anticipation.

Player Avatar
Scorpion Clan-Legend of the Five Rings
62 of 91 gamers found this helpful
“Slightly darker than base game”

Has the same great easy play system and adds some fun heroes. Only concern is that the tone in darker and one of the villians is a serial killer who has a ‘Lost Girl’ as one of his potential victims – still PG-13 but base game is very PG. Just be aware – I love it myself though. We avoid this villian (Spite) when playing with the 9 year old. The heroes introduces here, though, are among the most fun to play in the game. Mr. Fixer is one of my personal favorites. Also, The Chairman is one of the better villians in all the expansions.


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